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Rotorless rotational shear vulcameter offers variable oscillation frequency.

The Visco-Elastograph is a rotorless rotational shear vulcameter with variable oscillation frequency and amplitude with an extremely fast temperature control and homogeneous temperature distribution in the closed reaction die.

The Visco-Elastograph can be operated in the following modes: Frequency sweep; amplitude sweep; temperature sweep; vulcanization; frequency and amplitude sweep with prior deflection; ramp test with deformation angle up to 90[degrees]; and relaxation test with deformation angle up to 90[degrees].

The Visco-Elastograph is used to determine the viscoelastic material behavior in a plasticized state during vulcanization and after vulcanization of the material sample. The torsional load is imposed on the sample by the rotational oscillation of the lower test die half. Torque and phase angle are recorded as a function of the test time.

The Visco-Elastograph is a tabletop device with integrated electronics. It features an internal PC for operation, program control and test data acquisition, with no mechanical settings required.

The lower sine shaped test die half can be operated in oscillating movements at a frequency of 0.01 up to 33 Hz, with an amplitude of [+ or -] 0.01[degrees] to [+ or -] 20[degrees]. The achievable deflection can be reduced with increasing frequency.

Manual setting of up to 20 steps is accomplished in the operation mode "manual sweep." Thereby, the deflection, the frequency and the duration of each step can be set individually.

Running with automatic frequency steps, the duration, deflection, starting and final frequency, as well as the amount of steps, can be set.

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Date:Dec 22, 2006
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