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Rotomolded multi-layer fuel tank earns EPA & CARB certifications.

A new three-layer fuel tank from custom rotational molder Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., Ashtabula, Ohio ( recently received certifications from the U.S. EPA and CARB (California Air Resources Board) covering fuel vapor permeation from tanks in watercraft, recreational vehicles, lawn/garden equipment, and other non-road and stationary equipment. Featuring a proprietary design with two layers of polyethylene separated by an EVOH barrier layer, the new fuel tank is said to be a lower-cost option than blow molded five-and seven-layer tanks.


Rotomolded in a single piece, the fuel tank reportedly offers better impact strength than metal tanks and eliminates their potential for leaks at welds, seams, and fastening points. Compared with blow molding, the rotomolded tank is said to offer lower tooling costs to make short-run production more viable.
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Title Annotation:starting up industry & technology news
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Dec 1, 2011
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