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RotoMetrics and Mitsubishi Materials have recently partnered to offer Tungsten Carbide rotary cutting dies, These premium quality cutting tools offer superior durability for applications including diapers, sanitary napkins, bandages and stock labels.

Mitsubishi Materials is a major world manufacturer of Tungsten Carbide cutting tools, excelling in the manufacturing process control of the raw material (powder) to final product. This high level of control ensures consistent performance from the die's first run and throughout the lifetime of the tool. These Tungsten Carbide dies are inspected in all facets from grain size uniformity to the geometry of the blade edge down to a micron tolerance.

The Rotometrics-Mitsubishi Materials secret is in the controlled selection of Tungsten Carbide for each application. The rotary die cutter is equipped with Mitsubishi GM30 Carbide, a proprietary grade which offers a hardness of 90 FERA and a sub-grain size. Together, these result in allowing for a sharper blade edge with superior wear resistance. The anvil is made of Mitsubishi GC30 Carbide which has a larger grain size and a hardness of 88 HRA, manufactured for shock absorption and the right amount of flexibility to guide the blade edge in every cut. The combination of carbides in this application, equate to synchronized tool life, with even wear between the rotary die and the anvil.

RotoMetrics and Mitsubishi Materials also offer unique and patented die stations which work seamlessly with the Tungsten Carbide dies to deliver the best possible converting opportunities. The RigiCube Die Stations are built to absorb backlash and efficiently optimize the capabilities of Tungsten Carbide. The die station design also ensures consistent blade contact throughout the life of the Rotary Die Cutter.

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Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Aug 1, 2013
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