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Rotary position sensor features flexible configuration capabilities in miniature package.

The PS 15 rotary position sensor offers a surface mountable solution for detecting changes in angle and position and converting them into a highly reliable voltage output. It can be processed by standard automated placement equipment and reflow (or lead-free reflow) soldered. For applications where rotor angle is critical, locating pins are available. The sensors are highly customizable. Piher can design up to 27 different detent configurations anywhere within the electrical rotation. The PS15 offers application for both feedback and control where frequent adjustment or feedback is required. The shaftless design allows for employment of different engagement mechanisms, such as a customized shaft, a motor control, a human interface (such as knob) adjustment, or a mechanical arm position locator. The sensor can also control variable outputs, including frequency, change in motor speed, or volume. Housed in a dust-proof enclosure, the PS15 comes standard with a 240[degrees] electrical angle, 10k life cycle, and linear, log, and anti-log electrical tapers. Other performance characteristics include a rotational angle of 265[degrees] [+ or -] 5[degrees], an operating temperature of -40 to 85[degrees]C, and tolerances of [+ or -] 30.


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Publication:Medical Design Technology
Date:Jul 1, 2010
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