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Rotary joints provide positive seal.

SX rotary joints feature engineered reliability and performance, according to this 12-page brochure. The SX rotary joint provides a positive seal between stationary piping and a rotating cylinder. Using new sealing technologies, the SX joint has extended seal life and increased reliability, according to the company. The SX is said to be a robust rotary joint that performs well in steam, water and hot oil applications.

Features of the SX rotary joint are said to include design for oil, water and steam; two internal support guides; optimized seal diameter; convex seal ring in compression; maximum carbon guide separation; and single-flow or dual-flow design.

Benefits of the SX rotary joint are said to include positive sealing; increased life and reliability; extended seal life and reduced maintenance; self-aligning seal with longer life; improved joint and syphon support; and application flexibility.

The SX cartridge upgrade for Type S rotary joints offers the ability to re-use an existing head, flexible hoses and syphon equipment.


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Date:Mar 22, 2005
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