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Rotary evaporators--distill faster.

Rotary evaporators have a well established history when it comes to sample preparation in the laboratory. The newly updated product line from IKA[R] offers improved functionality such as right-left interval operation for special drying processes and a timer function for improved results.

Chemical distillation ranks as one of the oldest and best-known technologies in the field of chemistry. Provided they have different boiling points, the technique allows diverse mixtures of different liquids to be separated. Standard distillation devices do, however, present a number of disadvantages, such as delayed boiling and destruction of substances through excess temperatures.

Get an edge with rotating sample vessels

The rotary evaporator was developed over fifty years ago in order to address this problem. Its construction allows the evaporation vessel to be turned continuously by a motor. Because of this rotary action, the surface area of the liquid is increased, which in turn reduces the time taken for the distillation process. This also ensures a considerably more gentle distillation process, thanks to the reduction in the time that the liquid remains in contact with the flask wall. A rotary evaporator generally delivers an improvement in evaporation performance of around four times compared to a conventional distillation system.

New device line-up with three models

Despite retaining the same basic principle, there have been numerous technical advancements over the years.

With the RV 10 Rotary Evaporators, IKA[R] is now able to offer a range that sets new standards in safety, efficiency and usability.

The line of devices comprises three different systems:

* RV 10 basic for straightforward laboratory distillation tasks

* RV 10 digital with advanced control options

* The high-end model, RV 10 control, which features an integrated vacuum controller for improved precision in the distillation monitoring process

All systems are fitted with a user-friendly water/ oil bath that includes a powerful 1300 Watt heater capable of delivering temperatures from room temperature to 180[degrees]C. The heating bath can also be used as a stand alone unit, thereby further extending the range of possible applications. On the basic model, the temperature is controlled using a simple dial, which is supplemented on the digital and control versions by a digital display showing target and actual temperatures. The drive is another central component of the rotary evaporator and now comes with a drive capable of right-left interval operation as standard. This produces significantly better results, especially in the case of powder drying processes. Highly solvent-resistant PTFE seals also ensure that operation of the system is exceptionally safe, even when used with aggressive organic solvents.

All variants, from basic upwards, are supplied complete with a Woulff bottle. This protects the vacuum pump against solvent condensation. A wide range of accessories are available for all models, including various items of glassware (vertical or diagonal, coated or uncoated), a jacketed coil condenser, and a selection of different shields. These allow the RV 10 line of products to be adapted to meet the exact requirements of the user.

Safety comes first

Safety features are an important consideration when choosing any device for use in the laboratory. Among other safety features, all models provide a safety stop function which causes the evaporation flask to be lifted out of the heating bath automatically in the case of a power failure. This guarantees that samples will not be destroyed and increases the degree of safety for unsupervised use. An adjustable limit-stop detection mechanism, which is standard on all versions, also protects against glassware breakage by preventing the evaporating flask from being lowered too far into the heating bath.

System control

All three models are remarkably easy to use and have an ergonomically designed control unit with a digital display on the front of the system. A duration control timer allows for automatic distillation, whereby the drive system automatically lifts the sample out of the heating bath at the end of the experiment. With the RV 10 digital, users also have the option of controlling the system remotely via an RS-232 port using the labworldsoft[R] software.


The high-end RV 10 control model is designed to be fully automatic and offers the following features that allow it to be operated without supervision:

* Integrated Vacuum controller

* Automatic ventilation and shut-off mechanisms for both the condensing water and the heater bath at the end of an experiment

* Integrated condensing water monitoring

* Automatic heating bath monitoring that stops distillation in the case of a temperature fault

* Programmable, Volume controlled distillation

In addition to providing a straightforward method of specifying target values, the RV 10 control can also store automatic distillation programs, access saved pressure gradients, and use settings from a solvent library.

For more information please contact:

IKA[R] Works, Inc.

2635 Northchase Pkwy SE Wilmington NC 28405-7419, USA

Tel +1 877 RV10 IKA or +1 877 781 0452

Fax +1 910 452-7693
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Date:Oct 1, 2009
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