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Rotary encoder collars.

STAFFORD MANUFACTURING CORP., WILMINGTON, MASS. Custom manufactured rotary encoder collars with targets on the face or outside diameter add speed sensing capability to rotating shafts. These encoder collars feature steel targets on those surfaces to provide pickup signals for variable reluctance sensors and can add speed sensing capability to any rotating shaft. Offered in custom sizes to fit shafts from a half-inch up to 10 in. O.D., they can be made in one- or two-piece clamptype styles and incorporate a range of target patterns. Suitable for use with all popular sensors, the encoder collars are machined from aluminum. They can incorporate round, square, or threaded bores, and can be anodized to match existing equipment. Designed to operate in the presence of oils and coolants, they also can be supplied with sensor mounting assemblies to match application requirements. or circle 50


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Publication:Mechanical Engineering-CIME
Date:Oct 1, 2006
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