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Rosoff, Meg: There is No Dog.

ROSOFF, Meg There is No Dog Penguin, 2011 243pp $19.95 pbk ISBN 9780141327181 SCIS 1526390

The job of God was gambled in a poker game, Bob's mum won it and promptly gave it to her son. Not such a good choice, as Bob's bursts of creativity may have made the world but have also left it in a bit of mess. Without Mr B--Bob's long-suffering colleague--to help sort things out, Bob's youthful carelessness would be even more destructive. It doesn't help that he's sex-crazed and self-obsessed--and that he's fallen in love with Lucy the zoo keeper. Lucy can't help being drawn to the beautiful Bob and Bob is determined that this relationship will be different to his other disastrous ones. The weather is chaotically reflective of his moods and Earth looks doomed until, on the eve of Mr B's departure to a peaceful planet, Bob finally sees what a job he has ahead of him to hold Earth together. Luckily for Lucy, Bob's weirdness ultimately turns her against him. As for Bob, he takes the transfer to another planet meant for Mr B and Earth neatly disposes of the chaotic boy, leaving the sensible Mr B to bring harmony to the world.

This is a unique book, full of strangeness, irreverence and glimpses of mythology. The plot hinges on the antics of bad boy Bob. Such terrible things happen when Bob is being thoughtless--thousands of people die in tsunamis, drought and flood that it's hard to laugh at his outrageous behaviour. The resolution seems convenient but maybe that's the point. There is no dog plays with Creation and its consequences, cleverly if controversially.


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Date:Feb 1, 2012
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