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RosettaNet Announces the Availability of Digital Certificates; RosettaNet Helps Member Companies Minimize the Challenges of Implementing Secure e-Business with Trading Partners.

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- RosettaNet, the technology industry's leading e-business standards consortium, announced today the availability of RosettaNet digital certificates to help members streamline the digital certificate purchase, implementation, and maintenance processes. Partnering with Identrus(TM), a global provider of trusted identity solutions, RosettaNet offers a single, secure, trusted source for 128-bit, X.509 certificates for security implementations across all e-business applications and messaging standards.

Digital certificates provide the security necessary in e-business transactions to protect companies against fraud and internet eavesdropping through non-repudiation, digital encryption and identity verification. Through this new service, RosettaNet members have access to implementation guidance, technical support, and certificate management services to help track upcoming certificate expirations and streamline the certificate renewal process.

"The procurement and implementation of digital certificates are major pain-points for RosettaNet implementers due to certificate interoperability issues and system down-time caused by expired certificates. RosettaNet's digital certificate offering solves this problem so our members can focus on the important business aspects of RosettaNet standards implementations that will make their supply-chain more effective and competitive," said Paul Tearnen, Vice President of Standards, RosettaNet.

"Procurement of digital certificates is an unfamiliar process for many companies which may complicate and slow down the RosettaNet on-ramping process. At Nokia, we believe that by providing tools and support, RosettaNet can help member companies reduce these burdens in this process, which can often account up-to 20-30% of the time it takes to connect," said Matthias Gehrken, RosettaNet Technical Implementation Manager, Nokia.

"Identrus, is proud to partner with RosettaNet to provide secure, trusted digital certificates to its member companies," said Karen Wendel, CEO of Identrus. "RosettaNet members are among the most sophisticated e-business users in the world, demanding the highest levels of security. Identrus' years of experience providing security and identity management solutions to the worldwide banking industry and U.S. government makes us uniquely qualified to meet and exceed their requirements."

RosettaNet's offering features a single online location to track digital certificates across all e-business applications and trading partners, proactive email notifications that provide quick identification of upcoming certificate expirations, and access to training seminars and global technical support. This digital certificate offering is one of many new services RosettaNet has begun to offer to its membership in an effort to decrease time-to-value and simplify implementation of RosettaNet e-business standards.

RosettaNet digital certificates and management capabilities are available to RosettaNet members through the RosettaNet website at

About RosettaNet

RosettaNet is a non-profit consortium dedicated to the collaborative development and rapid deployment of open, Internet-based business standards that align processes within the global trading network. More than 500 multinational and regional companies in the information technology, electronic components, semiconductor manufacturing and telecommunications industries participate in RosettaNet's strategic standards and services development. Fortune 1000 companies worldwide have implemented RosettaNet standards, conducting B2B operations that value billions in annual revenues.

RosettaNet is one of the industry's most ambitious standards implementation efforts, reaching the Americas, Asia and Europe. To date, the consortium has established several regional affiliate organizations -- in the Americas, Australia, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan -- giving a voice to various business economies seeking to adopt and influence RosettaNet's global standards. Information on RosettaNet's worldwide activities, including a complete list of member companies and participating organizations, is available at RosettaNet is a subsidiary of the Uniform Code Council, Inc. (R) (UCC(R)).

About Identrus

Identrus(TM) is a global solutions company that secures interactions where identity is critical. As the only government regulated, bank-built identity company, Identrus provides a worldwide network for trusted identity credentials based on global standards. Identrus' proven solutions provide a legally and technologically interoperable environment for using identities. The Identrus platform provides the legal and technical infrastructure for financial institutions, governments and commercial entities to effectively manage the risks associated with identity authentication and enables these organizations to develop business applications and value-added services for their customers. Identrus partners with systems integrators, software developers, smart card and token providers, as well as experts on identity management, security and fraud to help organizations achieve greater application security and meet their e-business objectives. Identrus membership consists of more than 55 of the world's leading financial institutions spanning 160 countries. Additional information about the company is available at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 14, 2004
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