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How Do You Say 'Quidditch' in Yiddish? Feb 6, 2020 216
Can Bernie Sanders Fix America's Broken Anti-Semitism Conversation? Nov 12, 2019 214
What To Expect From Chaim Bloom, The New Head of Baseball Operations for the Boston Red Sox. Oct 28, 2019 181
Watch The Most Jewish Performance Ever on A TV Game Show. Oct 18, 2019 104
#TeamGefilteFish. Oct 4, 2019 120
Netanyahu Didn't Lose The Election on Election Night, And He Didn't Just Win It Now. Sep 25, 2019 154
Yair Lapid Wants to Teach Israelis to Understand American Jews. Will He Get the Chance? Sep 17, 2019 150
The Truth About Bibi, Israel's Very Dispensable Man. Sep 13, 2019 192
How A Media Outlet Turned a Trump Appointee Who Mocked Alt-Right Anti-Semites Into an Anti-Semite. Sep 3, 2019 154
How Trump Bullied Israel Into Punishing His Political Opponents, to the Jewish State's Great Detriment. Aug 15, 2019 320
How Trump and the Far-Left Are Conspiring to Mainstream the Israel Boycott Movement. Jul 26, 2019 207
Netanyahu Posted An Ad Mocking Rival Yair Lapid's English. Awkwardly, The Ad Got Its English Wrong. Jul 23, 2019 239
The Five Factors That Could Change The Outcome of Israel's New Elections. May 30, 2019 115
Chaim Bloom's Diamond Life. Apr 2, 2019 180
Rep. Ilhan Omar Deserves Dialogue, Not Just Denunciation. Feb 12, 2019 145
Why Naftali Bennett Decapitated the Settler Right and What It Means for Israel's Future. Jan 15, 2019 227
The New York Times Just Published an Unqualified Recommendation for an Insanely Anti-Semitic Book. Dec 17, 2018 159
A Vandal Knocked Down This Menorah Near Harvard. A Pulitzer-Prize Winner Put It Back Up. Dec 7, 2018 180
CNN Finds a Quarter of Europeans Are Anti-Semitic. But the Reality for Europe's Jews Is Even Worse. Nov 27, 2018 129
Amazon's Algorithm Has an Anti-Semitism Problem. Nov 15, 2018 189
FBI: Jews Subject to 60 Percent of Religiously Motivated Hate Crimes in 2017, Despite Being Just 2 Percent of U.S. Population. Nov 13, 2018 203
Republican Rep. Steve King Endorses Anti-Semitic Toronto Mayoral Candidate. Oct 17, 2018 125
University of Michigan Condemns Denial of Recommendations to Students Seeking Study in Israel. Oct 11, 2018 199
State Senate Candidate Julia Salazar Was Arrested in 2011 on Suspicion of Criminal Use of Personal Information. Sep 6, 2018 189
No, Jeremy Corbyn Did Not Give a Speech at the Wedding of a Palestinian Holocaust Denier. Aug 29, 2018 243
Listen: When John McCain Hilariously Announced He Was Converting to Judaism. Aug 27, 2018 187
Paul Ryan Discovers Jewish Roots, Experiences First Instance of Anti-Semitism Courtesy of Ann Coulter. Aug 3, 2018 107
Next Time Bernie Sanders Is Asked About Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party, He Should Raise Its Anti-Semitism Problem. Jul 25, 2018 188
No, the ADL Is Not Soft on Left-Wing Anti-Semitism. Jul 24, 2018 160
Dean Kremer, First Israeli in Major League Baseball, Traded to Orioles for Shortstop. Jul 20, 2018 113
What Progressives Should Learn From the Left-Wing Anti-Semite Challenging California's State Assembly Speaker. Jul 11, 2018 151
Twitter Just Unverified Louis Farrakhan. Here's Why It's Good That They Didn't Suspend Him. Jun 15, 2018 202
Trump Just Made It Much More Likely The Next Democratic President Will Open An Embassy to Palestine in Jerusalem. May 14, 2018 114
Human Rights Watch's Israel/Palestine Director Moonlights As An Advocate For Boycotting Israel. That Doesn't Mean Israel Should Expel Him. May 9, 2018 206
A Beginner's Guide To YouTube's Underground Anti-Semitic Jukebox. May 3, 2018 159
Rabbi Who Publicly Rebuked Trump at AIPAC Interrupts D.C. Council To Protest Failure To Censure Anti-Semitic Member. May 1, 2018 128
Israel Cancelled its Plan to Deport Asylum Seekers. Here's How You Can Help The Community Today. Apr 30, 2018 153
Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mariano Rivera, and Chuck Schumer Make Their Pitch for Yeshiva University. Apr 25, 2018 101
Women's March Organizer and Farrakhan Fan Tamika Mallory Attacks The Anti-Defamation League. Apr 18, 2018 218
Senator Brian Schatz Calls on Fellow Progressives to Fight Anti-Semitism Within Their Ranks, Not Just On The Right. Apr 17, 2018 205
Bibi Has No Backbone. Apr 2, 2018 155
British Labour Party Official In Charge of Disciplining Anti-Semites Resigns After Emails Reveal She Defended A Holocaust Denier. Mar 29, 2018 176
Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer Ran Away From His Jewish Identity For Years. Then He Reclaimed It And Faced Down Nazis. Mar 22, 2018 227
Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Chief Rabbinate Is Quietly Crumbling-And It Just Suffered Two Big Blows. Mar 8, 2018 213
Democratic Rep. Danny Davis's Progressive Primary Challenger Slams His Repeated Defenses of Louis Farrakhan: 'No One Holds Him Accountable'. Mar 6, 2018 211
Lin-Manuel Miranda Rocked Hebrew Solos as a Member of His College's Jewish A Cappella Group. Listen to the Full Tracks. Feb 27, 2018 172
In One of the Most Unlikely Jewish Sporting Feats Ever, Yeshiva University Wins Basketball Conference Championship For First Time in History. Feb 26, 2018 172
Mike Pence Never Said That Thing About The Holocaust That Everyone On The Internet Got Outraged About. Excerpt Jan 30, 2018 118
Jeremy Corbyn's Holocaust Remembrance Day Statement Leaves Out the Jews. Jan 25, 2018 149
Great Moments in Knesset Ejections, From Arabs Heckling Pence to the Ultra-Orthodox Protesting Mormons. Jan 24, 2018 151
Someone Tore Down the Mezuzah of UCLA's Jewish Student President. Read Her Powerful Response. Jan 11, 2018 139
How Some Wikipedia Editors Tried-and Failed-To Erase The UK Labour Party's Anti-Semitism Problem. Jan 10, 2018 256
Why a Muslim Comic Book Writer Just Introduced a Yeshiva Student Into the Marvel Universe. Jan 4, 2018 107
Palestinian President Abbas Accuses Jews of 'Faking and Counterfeiting History and Religion,' Claims Qur'an Says They 'Fabricate Truth'. Dec 14, 2017 195
The Media's Mistaken Predictions About Jerusalem Violence After Trump Prove It Is Biased on Israel/Palestine. Dec 13, 2017 132
Watch This Hilarious Satirical Send-Up of How Israel-Palestine Partisans Politicize Everything. Dec 7, 2017 159
How My Sister's Non-Jewish College Roommates Helped Her Celebrate Shabbat. Dec 1, 2017 162
Co-Founder of Students for Justice in Palestine Shares Insanely Anti-Semitic Memes, Offers World's Least Convincing Apology. Correction notice Nov 28, 2017 187
From Monogrammed Matzas to Jewish Jerky: Inside Kosherfest, the Country's Biggest Kiddush. Conference notes Nov 21, 2017 150
Top U.S. Envoy Slams Hamas For Holding Mentally Ill Ethiopian Jew Hostage in Gaza. Nov 16, 2017 146
The Success of 'Hatreon' Shows Us Why Kicking Bigots Off Social Platforms Doesn't Solve the Problem. Nov 14, 2017 199
FBI: Jews Subject to 54% of Religiously Motivated Hate Crimes in 2016, Despite Being Just 2% of U.S. Population. Nov 13, 2017 154
Times of Israel Hack Reveals Major Vulnerability in Jewish Media Infrastructure-and Not Just in Israel. Nov 3, 2017 147
Nigel Farage, Trump's Favorite British Politician, Goes on Anti-Semitic Riff About 'The Jewish Lobby'. Nov 1, 2017 170
An Israeli Won Gold in Judo in Abu Dhabi. They Refused to Play His National Anthem-So He Sang It Himself. Oct 26, 2017 112
Why is Everyone Suddenly Surprised That the United Nations Honored Robert Mugabe? Oct 24, 2017 163
Why I Watch Old Baseball Games, Not Just the Ones I Missed Over Shabbat-and You Should Too. Oct 20, 2017 166
This Yom Kippur, It's Time to Repent for Your Social Media Sins. Sep 28, 2017 140
Ken Loach's BBC Interview Perfectly Illustrates Britain's Left-Wing Anti-Semitism Problem. Sep 26, 2017 147
Jewish Senators Need to Stop Subjecting Non-Jewish Nominees to Religious Tests. Sep 11, 2017 174
'Death in the Terminal' Reveals the Collateral Corruption of Terrorism. Sep 8, 2017 218
A New Stanford Study Asked Students If There's Anti-Semitism on Campus. Here's What They Found. Sep 6, 2017 141
ADL Names Former Homeland Security Official George Selim as Senior Vice President. Aug 28, 2017 164
Trump's Economic Council Head Gary Cohn Publicly Criticizes His Boss's Equivocation on Neo-Nazis. Aug 25, 2017 189
A Peer-Reviewed Journal Published Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Then They Realized Who He Was and Retracted. Aug 25, 2017 145
Richard Spencer Says He Just Wants 'White Zionism.' Here's Why That's Malicious Nonsense. Aug 18, 2017 143
There Is No Defense For Trump's Remarks Covering for Neo-Nazis. Aug 16, 2017 145
Palestinians and Israelis Actually Agree On Something: They Really Don't Want the One-State Solution. Aug 9, 2017 151
Hateful Conspiracy Theorist Backed by Jewish Pol Josh Mandel is Now Hyping Anti-Semitic Propaganda. Aug 3, 2017 141
Trump Just Banned Transgender Soldiers, Claiming They Make Us Less Safe. Israel Begs to Differ. Jul 26, 2017 141
Linda Sarsour Declares CNN's Jake Tapper Has Joined 'the Ranks of the Alt-Right'. Jul 19, 2017 117
Journalist Who Exposed Chicago Dyke March Details Their Anti-Semitic Harassment Over Her Reporting. Jul 17, 2017 180
Chicago Dyke March Drops Pretense, Deploys Anti-Semitic Term Popularized by Neo-Nazis. Jul 14, 2017 156
Meet Rabbi Shira Rosenblum, the Elite U.S. Archer at the Maccabiah Who Doesn't Shoot on Saturdays. Jul 11, 2017 187
Hungary is Trying to Shut Down a Crucial Jewish Cultural Center. Here's How You Can Fight Back. Jul 6, 2017 164
Four Reasons the Chicago Dyke March's Banning of Jewish Stars Was Anti-Semitic. Jun 28, 2017 182
This Past Week is a Reminder to Fight for the Israel You Want to See. Jun 26, 2017 298
What the Alt-Right Understands About Winning Elections That Some Progressives Do Not. Jun 20, 2017 114
Canadian Jews Are Top Target of Hate Crimes, According to Government Study. Jun 16, 2017 105
How the Jewish Vote May Have Helped Decide This U.K. Election-and the Next One. Jun 9, 2017 235
Meet Haroon Moghul, the Muslim Memoirist Who Works With Zionists to Try and Forge Islamic-Jewish Ties. Jun 9, 2017 140
Just 13 Percent of British Jews Say They Will Vote For Labour and Jeremy Corbyn. Here's Why. May 30, 2017 167
Hard-Right Pro-Israel Partisans Need to Stop Deluding Themselves About Trump. May 26, 2017 179
Ivanka Trump Mistakenly Identifies the Western Wall as Judaism's 'Holiest Site'. May 22, 2017 144
Trump Didn't Just Reveal Israeli ISIS Intel. He Revealed Why the US-Israel Alliance Is So Resilient. May 19, 2017 175
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Signals Trump Won't Be Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Anytime Soon. May 15, 2017 105
Pew Poll: Most Eastern Europeans Don't Want Jews in Their Family, But Accept Them as Fellow Citizens. May 11, 2017 199
Trump Staffer Omarosa Manigault Boasts of Friendship with Notorious Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. May 5, 2017 135
The Top Five Laughable Lies From Hamas's New Political Document. May 4, 2017 158
Lithuania Wants to Build on Vilna's Jewish Cemetery. New Documentary Explains Why This is a Travesty. Apr 27, 2017 146

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