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Rosen Publishing Group

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Under the Rosen Publishing Group's "Power Kids Press" imprint, three informative American History series are ideal acquisition choices for community and school library high/low collections for young readers grades three through six needing a reading level of a middle second grade degree of difficulty. "European Colonies in the Americas" (0823972836, $74.70) is a six title series by Lewis K. Parker exploring the reasons and effects of the European colonization of the Americas. The photograhically illustrated individual titles include Dutch Colonies In The Americas; English Colonies In The Americas; Portuguese Colonies In The Americas; Russian Colonies In The Americas; and Spanish Colonies In The Americas. Photographically illustrated, the six volume "Westward Ho!" series (0823972852, $103.50) by Emily Raabe consists of Buffalo Soldiers And The Western Frontier; The Gold Rush: California Or Bust!; The Mexican-American War; Pioneers: Life As A Homesteader; Thomas Jefferson And The Louisiana Purchase; and The U.S. Cavalry And The indian Wars. The six titles comprising Arlan Dean's "Famous American Trails" series (0823972895, $103.50) features The Morman Pioneer Trails: From Nauvoo, Illinois, to The Great Salt Lake, Utah; The Old Spanish Trail: From Santa Fe, New Mexico, To Los Angeles, Calfironia; The Oregon Trail; From Independence, Missouri, To Oregon City, Oregon; The Overland Trail: From Atchison, Kansas, To Ft. Bridger, Wyoming; The Santa Fe Trail; From Independence, Missouri, To Santa Fe, New Mexico; and The Wilderness Road; From The Shenandoah Valley To The Ohio River. Ideal and strongly recommended additions to school and community library American History collections, all of the individual titles in these three series are enhanced with an index, a word count, a "Note to Librarian", and a listing of additional resources for further study.
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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