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Rosamund Bartlett and Sarah Dadswell, eds.: Victory over the Sun: The World's First Futurist Opera.

Rosamund Bartlett and Sarah Dadswell, eds. Victory over the Sun: The World's First Futurist Opera. Exeter: University of Exeter Press, 2012. Pp. xv + 328. $110.00.

This volume begins with a list of illustrations (vii-x), acknowledgments (xi), about the text (xii), about the contributors (xii-xv) and an introduction by the editors (1-16). The primary text is divided into two parts. Part I, "Texts and Scores" includes: "Bibliographies of the Librettists, Set Designer, and Composer (17-18); Rosamund Bartlett, "Annotated Translation of the Libretto of Victory over the Sun" (19-45); "Pobeda nad solntsem: Facsimile of the Original 1913 Russian Publication, Incorporating Score Fragments by Matiushin" (46-71); "Maria Ender's Transcription of Matiushin's Original Score for Victory over the Sun" (71-86); "Contemporary Reviews" (87-95); Aleksei Kruchenykh, "'About the Opera Victory over the Sun'" (96-108). Part II, "Essays" includes: Michaela Bohmig, "The Russian Cubo-Futurist Opera Victory over the Sun: Aleksei Kruchenykh's Alogical Creation" (109-25); Murray Frame, "Entertainment and Enlightenment in Late Imperial Russian Theatre" (126-35); Laurence Senelick, "On the Eve: The Russian Stage 1911-1914" (136-52); Robert Leach, "Victories over the Sun: The Drama of the Russian Futurists" (153-64); John E. Bowlt, "Darkness and Light: Solar Eclipse as a Cubo-Futurist Metaphor" (165-77); Christina Lodder, "Kazimir Malevich and the Designs for Victory over the Sun" (178-93); Catja Gaebel, "Victory over the Sun: The Music" (194-207); Margareta Tillberg, "'Be a Spectator with a Large Ear': Victory over the Sun as a Public Laboratory Experiment for Mikhail Matiushin's Theories of Colour Vision" (208-23); Sarah Dadswell, "Branding the Futurists" (224-36); Aurora Egidio, "The Collision of Italian and Russian Futurism: Marinetti's Visit to Russia" (237-53); Anna Wexler Katsnelson, "Burnt by the Sun: The Transmutation of Performativity, Theatricality, and Framing in the Late Work of Kazimir Malevich" (254-62); Julia Hollander and Jeremy Arden in conversation with Sarah Dadswell, "A Modern Victory: Reflections on the 1999 Staging" (263-84). The text concludes with notes (285-314), a selected bibliography (315-22), and an index (322-28).

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Title Annotation:Brief Notices
Publication:Comparative Drama
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Date:Dec 22, 2012
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