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Rosa, Tony. The President's Caddy: A Golf Story.

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Rosa, Tony. The President's Caddy: A Golf Story. Jackpot, 2014. 144p. $11.95 Trade pb. 978-0-9828225-0-0.

Sixteen-year-old Sam Parma is yearning to drive--the only thing standing in the way is money. A summer job is clearly the answer, and since he is an experienced golf caddy, that seems to be the perfect job. In fact, his uncle is a professional golfer who pulled some strings to get Sam the caddying job of a lifetime: for a former United States president during a popular golf tournament. Sam starts his account acknowledging that he makes a very "big goof" that almost ruins his whole experience. Sam's day caddying for the president through all eighteen holes is fraught with literal--and figurative--sand traps and water hazards. While the nature of Sam's "big goof" goes unexplained until the very end, Sam is a hero to root for throughout.

The story is told from Sam's perspective. He references writing it for an English assignment. As a narrator, Sam is hard to relate to. Teens uninterested in golf will find it difficult to enjoy the story. While references to Sam's background are given, there are few interesting details that are not related to golf or caddying. Sadly, the "big goof" Sam alludes to throughout the story does not hold the payoff promised by the author. Recommend this book to young teens with a high reading level looking for books about sports.--Morgan Brickey.

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Author:Brickey, Morgan
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 1, 2014
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