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Roots vs. youth.

Current age:

Andrew Reynolds: 38

Kader Sylla: 14

Current living situation:

A: A home in Studio City with my daughter and two dogs

K: Living with my mom and brother

Go-to snack:

A: Banana

K: Hot chips or fruit

Age 18 in what year:

A: 1997

K: 2020

Started skating:

A: 1979

K: 2010



First good trick you learned:

A: Kickflip

K: Ollie

First video:

A: Powell Peralta's Future Primitive. Still love it

K: Someone's online part

Your first video part:

A: Union wheels Right to Skate 1992

K: A little throwaway part in 2015

First favorite skater:

A: Mike Vallely

K: Everyone

Current favorite skater:

A; Ishod, Grant, Rowan, Raven and Cardiel

K: Rowan Zorilla

First three skate companies you heard of:

A: Vision, Powell and Schmitt Stix

K: Shake Junt, Real and Vans

First pro skater sighting:

A: John Montesi

K: Billy Marks

First sponsor:

A: The Cove skateshop in Brandon, Florida, and Dr. Bone Savers pads

K: Inside The Drop

Most recent sponsor:


K: Villager Goods

First trip:

4: G&S sent me to the Northwest to a skate camp where 1 met Willy Santos, Matt Beach, Steve Olson (the Foundation one), Pat Brennen and Danny Minnick. It was so sick. I flew seven hours alone at 13 years old with no cellphone or anything. I just got off the plane hoping I saw someone

K: Tampa Am 2016 with Baker

Last trip:

A: Baker SF filming trip: Zach, Donta, Kader, T-Funk, Spanky and myself

K: San Francisco with Baker

First injury:

A: Lots of little stuff: stitches, broken elbows, hurt tail bone. Hard to remember--steadily been getting broke since I founc skateboarding

K: Broken foot

Last injury:

A: Broken bone in my left foot. Healed up nice. Skating again already

K: Hurt knee

First contest:

A: Spring Hill, Florida. No shirt. First place, won a Powell Lance Mountain deck!

K: CASL (California Amateur Skateboard League)

Highest place in a contest:

A: I've won a few. You can't get higher than first can you?

K: First in a CASL contest

Popular item in middle school:

A: Fuct pants, Blind jeans, Blind Video Days on VHS, playing cards for gambling, white tees

K: Tech Decks

Coolest thing you've ever seen on a skateboard:

A: Phil Shao at Tampa '96 skating the quarterpipe to vert wall. Best Smith ever!

K: Everything but dolphin flips

Worst trend you've witnessed:

A: Something I was actually part of, huge pants and tiny wheels was pretty bad

K: Colored camo pants

Legend status:

A: Pat Ngoho is actually one of my new favorites and a total inspiration

K: Everyone on Baker and Independent trucks

The future of skateboarding:

A: Kader

K: Cool

Oldest/youngest skater you know of:

A: Youngest: Briel Weingartner. Oldest: Dustin Dollin

K: Youngest; Briel, a four-year-old skater. Oldest: Tony Hawk

Favorite Musician:

A: Cat Power

K: Nas because of Illmatic

Biggest dream:

A: Help people, care less about material things

K: Have a good life

What makes you smile:

A: Carcass crew

K: English or French Bulldogs

Biggest regret:

A: None. Everything, good or bad, is chance to learn.

K: A lot

Present goal:

A: Stay in the moment

K: Get out of high school

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