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Roots and Wings: Affirming Culture in Early Childhood Settings.

Incorporating multicultural education into the curricula of all schools has been a problem. Preschools and day care centers are also faced with this issue, as the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs has added multicultural education implementation to its list of accreditation criteria. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has also called for the addition of a multicultural education component to curricula.

Roots and Wings is intended to be both an introduction to the issue of multicultural education and a guide to implementation. The first two of 10 chapters introduce the topic of multicultural education, including definitions of relevant terms. Chapter 3 suggests various methods of implementing a program for multicultural education. Using the classroom environment to promote awareness of multicultural education among children is the subject of Chapter 4. Also included in this chapter is a questionnaire for teachers' use in evaluating books and other materials, as well as a list of classroom resources.

Chapter 5 contains various multicultural activity ideas, presented in a format containing each activity's theme, goal, needed materials and a description of the activity with suggested variations. Chapter 8 contains descriptions of multicultural education implementation in day care settings.

A list of holidays and celebrations important for many cultures is presented in Chapter 6. Beginning with infancy through age 9, the author traces the development of attitudes toward differences among people, as well as the topic of prejudice and its causes. Chapter 9 describes ways of talking to children about differences among cultures and peoples.

At a time when scholarly journals have devoted entire issues to the topic of multicultural education, it is extremely helpful to have a book containing good, practical, age-appropriate activities designed to promote awareness of multicultural issues among young children. This book, however, would have benefited from editing to make the subject matter cohere in a logical manner.
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Author:Gilstrap, Robert L.
Publication:Childhood Education
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Date:Mar 22, 1993
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