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Root cellar to wine cellar.

Root cellar to wine cellar

Root cellars are a rarity in Southwestern houses, but, in the 1920s, a practical builder included just such a subterranean chamber in this La Jolla, California, house. Present owners Betsy and Frank Grasso saw another use for the cool, sunken room--a wine cellar.

Along one wall, San Diego architect Marc Tarasuck and cabinetmaker Gary Wilson designed this oak rack--6 feet wide, 6 feet tall, and 1 foot deep. For the vertical supports, he ripped 1-by-4s to 3-inch widths. From 1-by-1s, he cut 11 1/2-inch-long stops; he nailed and glued them, 4 1/4 inches apart on center, to each pair of vertical posts, resulting in 14 ladder-like sections of 15 rungs each. (Stops were attached to only one side of the outside vertical supports.)

The ladder sections, spaced 4 3/4 inches apart, are connected at the top and bottom to 1- by 6-foot pieces of 3/4-inch oak plywood. The plywood is secured to the tiled floor and an overhead soffit. For a finished look, the ladders have oak molding across the top, two equally spaced 1-by-1 rails across the middle, and a base-board at floor level.

Photo: Fifteen cases of wine fit into dark-stained oak rack, built between floor and soffit

Photo: Wine bottles rest on 1-by-1 stops nailed and glued to ripped 1-by-4 supports
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Date:Apr 1, 1988
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