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Room partition gives then efficient work space, family dining.

Room partition gives them efficient work space, family dining

A compromise is sometimes the best solution.Marlene and Eric Alexander's kitchen in Bend, Oregon, was big and homey-- a place where everyone gathered for dinner. The Alexanders wanted to keep the homeyness but desired the formality of a separate dining area.

Instead of adding a new dining room,architect Neal Huston decided to make the one space work two ways. He compressed the kitchen work area to one side of the 15 1/2-foot-square space, then designed a floor-to-ceiling cabinet and counter unit to mask it from the dining area.

The kitchen area, including partition andcounters, is 8 feet wide. The tunnel effect is softened by a large skylight at the sink end and a greenhouse window that overlooks the rear garden. White walls, light-colored birch cabinets, and simple laminate counter surfaces help make the space look bigger.

Because the sink and major appliancesstayed in their original positions, the remodel cost less than new construction.

Above the new partition, a cupboard withglass shelves and glass doors lets light pass through. In both rooms, oak floors with a Swedish finish are easy to clean and withstand traffic well. Behind the dining table, a built-in buffet matches the kitchen cabinets and helps unite the two rooms.

Photo: Floor-to-ceiling cabinet and counter unit hides kitchen clutter but lets the cook socialize

Photo: Greenhouse window behind sink and bigskylight brighten and visually enlarge the long, narrow kitchen

Photo: Sliding glass doors open the top cabinetto both rooms; wooden doors on other cabinets open toward the kitchen
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Date:Mar 1, 1987
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