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Ron's training has us on the right track...

THE training sessions Ronald Koeman has introduced are already helping, according to Ashley Williams.

"I can only speak for myself," he said, "but I feel I'm in good shape and feeling good.

"The training here is helping, it's sharp and it's demanding a lot of me every day.

"So hopefully I can play at the top level for as long as possible and keep trying to perform as well as I can.

"They're similar sessions here. A lot of it is technical but here it is very intense.

"They demand that you train as close to match tempo as you can which will stand us in good stead in matches.

"Being a new boy again was probably the weirdest part to be honest, coming into a new dressing room where you are the new boy and having to introduce yourself and all that goes with that. "I've seen many new players come into Swansea, looking after them, and then I was the one asking questions here. Jags was looking after me.

"It was strange, something I had to get used to at the start. But I expected that coming in. They made me feel welcome."

He has even avoided the dreaded initiation ceremony "I'm past that time now. I didn't have to do one," he said. "Normally it's singing, isn't it? I did have a song ready but I'm going to protest if they try to make me now."

And the song Williams had ready? "R Kelly - Bump n Grind. They got off lightly!" he smiled.

So did Waddingtons with his curious letter.

Ashley Williams makes things happen. And he will be hoping to do just that at Everton Football Club.

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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 11, 2016
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