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Articles from Romanian Journal of Artistic Creativity (March 22, 2013)

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"Sad and small," said the sage. Hurdubei, Andrei; Arbore, Beatrice 662
A roving on the petalled-word-crystal sea. Stroe, Mihai A. 16438
A spectacle unto the world, and to angels. Cosman, Doina 2119
All it takes is a little bit of courage. Costin, Dana; Blumenfeld, Odette 3008
And so much sleep, and death, and white is in my soul. Anghel, Florentina; Rosu, Serban 5055
Aren't we all puppets on ill-intended strings? Athes, Haralambie; Romosan, Felicia 3362
Before long, stars will nestle in my weary brow. Anton, Alina E.; Georgescu, Catalina Arsenescu 4115
Drinking the milky blackness. Gutu, George 7893
Driving fate, from death to the eternal depths of fire. Mandoiu, Cristina; Stefanescu, Cristinel 5062
Drying is an art that I do exceptionally well. Bejan, Remus 9195
Dying away the death of a thorny rose. Zamfir, Carmen 2788
Grant me surcease from sorrow. Popescu, Carmen; Marinescu, Dragos 6395
I am my worst enemy. Petrescu, Muguras Maria 642
I got them before they could get me. Leoveanu, Ionut-Horia T.; Borzan, Cristina Maria 2096
I mean to tap the reservoir of pain. Dila, Georgiana-Elena; Ienciu, Lia Monica 3642
I'll die at dawn or daybreak! Dila, Georgiana-Elena; Mihalache, Ioan 1757
It's getting dark, little thief of starlight! Anton, Alina E.; Chirita, Roxana 3290
Journeying into the blackest night unto the land of bliss. Stroe, Mihai A. 10622
Of suicide I continually think. Scarlatescu, Liliana; Danielescu, Ciprian 3600
Philosophy, ideology, strategy, and style. Parvu, Sorin C. 595
Plunging headlong into the dead death. Hojbota, Ana-Maria 4268
Poet and lunatic. Burdescu, Felicia 1062
Putting on bodily sadness. Dragulanescu, Sebastian; Melinte, Sergiu 1219
Spring is a hard time to live through. Prioteasa, Mihaela; Nirestean, Aurel 5148
The almost unnameable lust. Burdescu, Felicia; Rosu, Doina 4966
The black sun of melancholia. Petcu, Ioana; Prisacariu, Cristina Report 4186
The old dead love of death. Ciobanu, Elena; Turliuc, Serban 6122
There is nothing new in dying, but nor is living any newer. Astarastoae, Daniela; Astarastoae, Vasile 3473
This life is but slow death. Voicu, Amalia; Nicolae, Draguta 1877
This rest that dreams are made of. Prioteasa, Mihaela; Ungureanu, Gabriel 1619
Watchman, what of the night? Cosman, Doina; Pirvu, Bogdan C.S. 8304
We are cast down until the end of time. Popescu, Carmen 2621
Why bother to balance mutual sorrows, pains and hurts? Cosman, Ioana 1672

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