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Search for bones of first Filipino bishop continues. Dec 5, 2018 341
The #MeToo Trial of Oscar Wilde. Purple, Matt Nov 1, 2018 2687
A writer, a roamer, a man of the church. Oct 10, 2018 1189
Catholic Thought Lecture Series continues at Benedictine. Oct 8, 2018 337
Modern hate's anti-Catholic roots. Oct 5, 2018 966
There's a baby in this bath water, and we must save her. Clark, Dani Oct 5, 2018 831
Very Catholic: Catholics have not cornered the market on truth. Scobey, Annemarie Oct 1, 2018 1175
China Stiffened Regulation and Restrictions for Religion to 'block Extremism. Sep 14, 2018 1573
Men's orders focus annual assembly on upcoming youth synod. Roewe, Brian Sep 7, 2018 2164
Bloody Mary: Tudor Terror, 1553-1558. Book review Sep 1, 2018 109
Prince Charles' Religious Views Against Royal Family Tradition. Aug 25, 2018 401
Archbishop Hunthausen was a man of prayer, a man of God. Ryan, Michael Column Aug 10, 2018 1597
Throwing insults and poking fun MY CITY. Jul 21, 2018 259
Papal Nuncio invites Duterte to Pope's Day celebration. Jun 28, 2018 588
Duterte expects good working ties with Church leaders. Jun 27, 2018 323
John Chetwode Eustace, Radical Catholicism, and the Travel Guidebook: The Classical Tour (1813) and Its Legacy. Milsom, Alexandra Jun 22, 2018 9782
2nd Italian tourist delegation arrives in Cairo for Holy Family's Journey. Jun 17, 2018 258
Catholic drift seen in Irish abortion vote. Donald, Sarah Mac Jun 15, 2018 1310
Sisters teach Catholicism from Jewish perspective in heart of Jerusalem. Lidman, Melanie Jun 15, 2018 2070
Imagining Catholicism at the museum, poorly. Jun 15, 2018 934
An administration lacking in moral foundation. Jun 14, 2018 688
A woman's place: It's time to reclaim a forgotten ministry. Zagano, Phyllis Jun 1, 2018 1447
TO CHANGE THE CHURCH. Nixon, J. Peter Jun 1, 2018 312
Toward Common Ground: Catholicism and Pentecostalism in African Christianity. Wankar, Gabriel T. Jun 1, 2018 7494
Three in one. May 25, 2018 811
Paul Ryan leaves behind nothing but failure. Sean, Michael May 18, 2018 1217
The Catholic Priest Who Became an Orthodox Jew. Goldman, Shalom May 18, 2018 343
The Catholic Priest Who Became an Orthodox Jew. Goldman, Shalom May 18, 2018 346
Paranoid China attacks religion. May 14, 2018 2003
Free to believe? The drive to globalize religious freedom prioritizes some religions over others. Hurd, Elizabeth Shakman May 1, 2018 1357
President Duterte's views on divorce. Apr 19, 2018 964
Douthat's Francis book is poorly sourced, inadequate journalism. Winters, Michael Sean Critical essay Apr 6, 2018 3159
China has over 20 million Muslims, 35,000 mosques: White Paper. Apr 4, 2018 333
Filipinos celebrate Easter with crucifixion, flogging. Mar 30, 2018 376
Devotees reenact Good Friday crucifixions in Philippines. Mar 30, 2018 546
The Significance of Different Candles in Catholicism. Mar 30, 2018 583
The Catholic Church -- coming to a Starbucks near you? Mar 24, 2018 390
Will the crowds still come to see the Pope say Mass at Croke Park? It's doubtful unless they feign interest just to be part of the spectacle; SIOBHAN O'CONNOR ON THE LATEST PAPAL VISIT; Catholicism's fight to remain relevant in an increasingly secular society. Mar 24, 2018 1038
The Word in Words and Images. Deavel, David Paul Essay Mar 22, 2018 4438
On the ecclesial history of the Catholic Church of Romania. An overview. Dumea, Emil Essay Mar 22, 2018 3809
Catholics, Muslims to meet to discuss prejudice. Mar 6, 2018 181
Catholics, Muslims to meet in Mundelein to discuss prejudice. Mar 6, 2018 181
The (Re-)Appropriation of Spirit Beings--Spirits of the Dead and Spirits of God in a Sepik Community. Falck, Christiane Mar 1, 2018 12852
The Case for Catholicism. Book review Mar 1, 2018 307
The Catholic-Teochew Rhythm: Communal Identity in Hougang, 1945-1981. Goh, Bryan Essay Mar 1, 2018 8636
'Created Equal': Film uses women's ordination to address broader societal issues. Daniels, Kristen Whitney Feb 23, 2018 1193
Charlottesville Catholics explore racism. Webster, James C. Feb 9, 2018 1143
Filipinos urged to spark religion-based tourism. Feb 8, 2018 295
Catholic women's refreshed enthusiasm. Dillon, Michele Jan 12, 2018 1403
A woman of insight and originality: Rosemary Haughton's contributions to Catholicism deserve rediscovery. Greene, Dana Jan 12, 2018 1250
Gregory Baum 1923-2017. Chodos, Bob Jan 1, 2018 428
It's the grace: Why are you Catholic? Scobey, Annemarie Essay Jan 1, 2018 1153
Religion, mujer y comunicacion. El caso de donne chiesa mondo. Barroso, Manuel Jesus Cartes Jan 1, 2018 8802
Entre la ciencia y la doctrina catolica: Eugenesia, matrimonio y sexualidad en el primer franquismo. Campos, Ricardo Jan 1, 2018 13197
El Circulo Catolico de san Martin Cid. Primeros pasos de la accion social catolica en Zamora e implicacion de los lideres carlistas en ella (1891-1912). Hernandez Fuentes, Miguel Angel Jan 1, 2018 14577
Un circulo virtuoso, el espiritu del Vaticano ii se encuentra con el espiritu del 68. Horn, Gerd-Rainer Report Jan 1, 2018 14362
Mas alla del concilio. El catolicismo holandes, un laboratorio de renovacion eclesial (1960-1975). Winkeler, Lodewijk Jan 1, 2018 7611
Editors' Foreword. MacDonald, Edward Jan 1, 2018 581
Cardinal Law, central figure in church abuse scandal, dies: The Associated Press/Religion News Service. Zoll, Rachel Dec 29, 2017 1264
Cardinal Law, disgraced in priest scandal, dies at 86. Dec 21, 2017 338
Australian abuse report calls for end to sanctity of confession. Dec 15, 2017 533
Canada : Scottish Reformation subject of public lecture. Nov 4, 2017 180
Upstart from Assisi: St. Francis is probably our most popular saint. But do we know who he really is? Manning, Kathleen Oct 1, 2017 2541
Study lifts the lid on monks' shock habits; in brief. Sep 2, 2017 216
Death, secrets and exile revealed in monks study. Sep 1, 2017 850
I am, through you: God is in the ties that bind all of creation together, says this African priest. Interview Sep 1, 2017 2965
Where was the periphery of art? Circulation and reception of European painting copies in Amazonia in the 19th century/Onde estava a periferia da arte? Circulacao e recepcao de copias de pintura europeia na Amazonia no seculo XIX. de Figueiredo, Aldrin Moura; Rodrigues, Silvio Ferreira Sep 1, 2017 9337
Everyone leads calls baptized to step up: author affirms that change in us church depends on laity taking up leadership reins. Lakeland, Paul Book review Aug 25, 2017 1151
Outside cities, Chinese grandparents pass on faith to their grandchildren. Jul 14, 2017 756
Putting the protest back into protestant. Helmer, Christine Jul 1, 2017 5623
CATOLICOS ITALIANOS Y EL TRANSITO AL POST-FASCISMO, 1943-1945. Dagnino, Jorge Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 7413
Editor's note. Romero, Cynthia Jun 22, 2017 417
THE END OF THE AFFAIR: A MODERNIST CONVERSION NARRATIVE. Hartwig, Heidi Critical essay Jun 22, 2017 4911
MARIAN ASPECTS OF FOUR QUARTETS. Ward, Jean Critical essay Jun 22, 2017 5292
Pope, at Fatima shrine, urges end to wars tearing world apart. May 13, 2017 368
Pope, at Fatima shrine, urges end to wars tearing world apart. May 12, 2017 516
Emocion y nuevas espiritualidades. Por una perspectiva relacional y situada de los afectos. Viotti, Nicolas May 1, 2017 8656
A church in a crunch. Apr 28, 2017 953
The long life of America's 'worst' Catholics. Deignan, Tom Essay Apr 21, 2017 1682
It may be time to radically rethink ordination. Tammeus, Bill Essay Apr 21, 2017 682
Religion, the environment, and sustainable development: comprehensiveness in Catholic cosmology/Religion, medioambiente y desarrollo sustentable: la integralidad en la cosmologia catolica/Religiao, meio ambiente e desenvolvimento sustentavel: a integralidade na cosmologia catolica. Esquivel, Juan Cruz; Mallimaci, Fortunato Apr 1, 2017 11651
Orestes Brownson and the mesmeric universe. Stroe, Mihai A. Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 18838
The Irving Lowens Article Award goes to Michael Iyanaga for "Why Saints Love Samba: A Historical Perspective on Black Agency and the Rearticulation of Catholicism in Bahia, Brazil". Fosler-Lussier, Danielle Mar 22, 2017 114
Pasdaran go after Catholics, endangering links to Vatican. Mar 17, 2017 314
Catholic school in Pampanga to press on against death penalty. Mar 10, 2017 305
Naga Catholic schools take stand vs. death penalty. Mar 10, 2017 272
SRHR caught in the crossfire of politics and religion: the cases of the Maldives, Morocco, and Pakistan. Namasivayam, Mangala Mar 1, 2017 3602
Emancipation vs. Equity: Civic Inclusion of Halifax Catholics, 1830-1865. Murphy, Terrence Essay Jan 1, 2017 8177
Pope Francis Faces Backlash Over Remarriage Comments. Dec 14, 2016 433
Angono pagoda: A marriage of folk tradition and Catholicism. Dec 5, 2016 514
Beyond the hagiographic writing: Catholic biographies and historical culture in Brazil in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth/Para alem da escrita hagiografica: biografias catolicas e cultura historica no Brasil em fins do seculo XIX e inicio do XX. Pires, Tiago Dec 1, 2016 4837
A friendly feeling of deja vu for women. Schlumpf, Heidi Column Nov 4, 2016 964
Chaput welcomes smaller church of holier Catholics. Gibson, David Nov 4, 2016 965
Anti-clericalism in translation: anti-Catholic ideology in the English translation of Giuseppe Garibaldi's Clelia o il governo dei preti (1870). Portelli, Sergio Book review Nov 1, 2016 4770
Trump Says Clinton Hates Catholics. Oct 21, 2016 645
Dependence on God and Man: Toward a Catholic Constitution of Liberty. Pakaluk, Catherine R. Essay Sep 22, 2016 10850
Verbatim. Sep 1, 2016 122
Native American mass. Brief article Aug 12, 2016 131
Alfonse Borysewicz's lonely struggle gives Catholic art a modern face. Van Biema, David Aug 12, 2016 1408
Catholicism and republicanism: shaping the reason of the citizen in early 19th century Argentinean schooling. Caride, Ezequiel Gomez Report Jul 1, 2016 8078
Smells and bells. Germiat, Barb; Clancy, Joan Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2016 143
The formation and remarkable persistence of the Oecusse-Ambeno enclave, Timor. Yoder, Laura S. Meitzner Jun 1, 2016 12172
The making of Eamon de Valera. Hay, William Anthony Book review May 1, 2016 1792
Church structure. Whaling, Tom; Hennessey, Paul M. Letter to the editor Apr 8, 2016 349
Catholic constitutionalism from the Americanist controversy to 'Dignitatis Humanae'. Su, Anna Apr 1, 2016 9241
Structural equivalence of an attitude toward religion scale in Mexico, Nicaragua and China/ Equivalencia estructural de una escala de actitud hacia la religion en Mexico, Nicaragua y China. Mijares, Santiago Aguilera; Espinosa, Alejandra del Carmen Dominguez; Matus, Pedro Wolfgang Velasco Apr 1, 2016 2712
Happy Easter! 'Stop being who you were, and change into who you are'. Mar 27, 2016 663
foden converts; Una tells how rugby star became Catholic before their wedding. Mar 23, 2016 317
Researcher of religious right issues new report on crowing 'refusals' cases. Mar 1, 2016 330
transgender tara: i found church and it saved my life; ...but health worker has to defend her views after converting to Catholicism. Jan 31, 2016 567
Magnetic poles of Filipino Catholicism? Jan 18, 2016 887
The ecumenical feminist: Arlene Anderson Swidler (1929-2008). Noh, Minjung Jan 1, 2016 2953
L'Eglise et les bulles. Les representations du catholicisme dans la bande dessinee francophone (annees 1990-2010). Teinturier, Sara Essay Jan 1, 2016 7272
Les croix de chemin du Quebec et la naissance du devotionnalisme contemporain. Kaell, Hillary Essay Jan 1, 2016 9277
<>: Marshall McLuhan, antimodernismo catolico y la reforma educativa de los anos 1960. Cole, Josh Jan 1, 2016 6591
Vatican To Catholics: No Need To Convert Jews. Dec 10, 2015 327
Worship local: people who attend a church that's not their neighborhood parish are missing the nature of Catholicism. Enright, Michael P. Dec 1, 2015 1651
Eat, pray, laugh: The Jim Gaffigan Show proves you don't have to flaunt your faith to live it well. Collum, Danny Duncan Column Nov 1, 2015 966
Koreans Losing Trust in Religion: Survey. Oct 29, 2015 345
Pride in Catholicism; FEEDBACK. Oct 5, 2015 119
Feeding Francis: Celebrity chef serves simple, healthy fare. Sep 26, 2015 590
Secularism as christianity in disguise: the secularization myth revisited. Nelson, Robert H. Sep 22, 2015 12283
Dynamics of Religiosity in Contemporary Spanish Soccer as portrayed in Jose Luis Sampedro's "That Saintly Day in Madrid". Ashton, Timothy J. Critical essay Sep 22, 2015 2890
Pope to the White House -- a scene once unthinkable. Sep 21, 2015 825
Catholic Church and Cuba: a complicated history. Sep 18, 2015 694
Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary. Aug 14, 2015 319
Do Catholics believe in evolution? Switzer, John B. Jul 31, 2015 436
A legacy beyond Catholicism. Stoltzfus, Kate Jul 31, 2015 1271
Pew survey: 71 percent of Catholics believe in global warming. Salgado, Soli Jul 3, 2015 657
Catolicidad y economia: analisis diacronico de sus relaciones, desde un enfoque critico. Arcila Velez, Diego Augusto; Gil Ospina, Armando Antonio Jul 1, 2015 9176
Pacifism, feminism--and Catholicism? Former soldier's essays reveal a truth-seeker. McCarthy, Colman Book review Jun 19, 2015 834
How faith is lived: website offers a window into Catholicism around the world. Salgado, Soli Website overview Jun 19, 2015 1208
Candomble fights persecution, mixes with Catholicism in Brazil. Kudialis, Chris Jun 19, 2015 1207
Islam, Catholicism, and women's rights. Jun 1, 2015 855
Wills turns sword on array of beliefs: latest book asserts that Catholicism 'can live because it can learn, correct, and change under God's direction'. Schroth, Raymond A. Book review Apr 24, 2015 1016
Has Catholicism become a hindrance to secular morality? Mar 23, 2015 848
Edmund Spenser's anti-Catholicism: Duessa's part in it all. Schuette, Gerhardt Essay Mar 22, 2015 4881
In Galileo's footsteps. Bearden, Michelle Interview Feb 1, 2015 3194
Many Filipino Catholics believe in healing power of Pope's presence, blessing. Jan 15, 2015 592
Viva il Papa! Jan 14, 2015 361
Catholicism and Judaism: a few personal reflections. Costigan, Michael Essay Jan 1, 2015 1387
Catholicism in retreat? Jan 1, 2015 218
"I am ... the very essence of a Protestant": Arthur Lower, Anti-Catholicism and Liberal Nationalism, 1939-1959. Anderson, Kevin Report Jan 1, 2015 11921
Eternal hope, persistent disappointment: women and Catholicism. Myers, W. David Dec 22, 2014 2758
Let's respect, reverence our churches. Nov 7, 2014 557
Rediscovering Catholicism: mission impossible? Hala, Peter Book review Nov 1, 2014 2156
In El Paso, a Mirror of Catholicism's Challenges. Oct 26, 2014 120
Human Sexuality: New Directions in American Catholic Thought. Brief article Oct 24, 2014 125
Bishops take aim at McBrien's Catholicism. Brief article Oct 24, 2014 117
Sola fide: the mystery of salvation by faith. Rinehart, Larry Essay Sep 22, 2014 13139
What do Catholics believe about the devil? Switzer, John Sep 1, 2014 504
Meet the Famous Freudian Who Converted to Catholicism and Then Was Forgotten. Ostrovsky, Deborah Aug 25, 2014 197
Do Catholics believe in the rapture? Switzer, John Aug 1, 2014 530
Where you least expect it. Camille, Alice Jul 1, 2014 1280
Scouts navigate the sacramental waters of Catholicism. Whelan, Patrick Jun 6, 2014 1356
Williamson exemplifies anti-Catholicism. Letter to the editor Mar 18, 2014 134
Washington post distorts yet again what Catholics believe about abortion. Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2014 394
Monsignor Peter Byrne and the foundations of Catholicism in Strathfield. Gleeson, Damian John Jan 1, 2014 4889
Sociologist has kept his eye on Catholicism. Roberts, Tom Dec 6, 2013 1831
The Future of Catholicism. Coren, Michael Dec 1, 2013 746
Sailing to Byzantium: the life and mission of Saints Cyril and Methodius Part II. Hala, Peter Dec 1, 2013 5964
Shaking up the world of conservative Catholicism. Oct 31, 2013 862
Paranormal activity: Catholics believe in life after death, but things get complicated when those departed spirits start creeping across your living room. Townsend, Tim Cover story Oct 1, 2013 3805
Home improvement. Bleem, Jerry Brief article Oct 1, 2013 211
A Lutheran response to Weigel's Evangelical Catholicism. Rinehart, Larry Essay Sep 22, 2013 3202
Evangelical Catholicism. Book review Sep 1, 2013 114
Evangelical Catholicism. Book review Sep 1, 2013 114
"Whatever her faith may be": some notes on Catholicism in Maria Edgeworth's oeuvre. Rodriguez, Carmen Maria Fernandez Jul 1, 2013 7138
O'Malley and Chaput epitomize church's different paths. Roberts, Tom Viewpoint essay Jun 21, 2013 1794
Francis' vision takes flesh in the Buenos Aires slums. Allen, John L., Jr. Apr 26, 2013 1352
Poverty in America; Catholicism's ins and outs. Scharper, Diane Book review Apr 26, 2013 947
Experts say Pacem in Terris had radical impact on church teaching. Filteau, Jerry Conference notes Apr 26, 2013 1149
The sins of Leo McCarey. Blake, Richard A. Critical essay Apr 1, 2013 10697
A God of life, a civilization of love: justice, mission, and Catholic social teaching. Groody, Daniel G. Essay Apr 1, 2013 5140
But grace is not infinite": Tolkien's explorations of nature and grace in his Catholic context. Mitchell, Phillip Irving Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 9957
High Hopes on Pope's Election. Mar 17, 2013 1487
Pope Francis, Master of Chemistry, Another Example Of Catholicism's Long Association With Science. Mar 16, 2013 707
Pope Francis I: Humble Jesuit Committed to Conservative Catholicism. Mar 13, 2013 343
Why not women priests? The papal theologian explains. Rocca, Francis X. Feb 15, 2013 935
Pope Benedict Resigns: Why Has There Never Been An Irish Pope? Feb 11, 2013 819
Pope Benedict XVI's Legacy: Defender Of Traditional Catholicism, Marred By His Central Role In Vatican Treatment Of Priests' Sex Abuse. Feb 11, 2013 578
Catholics in the American century; recasting narratives of U.S. history. Book review Feb 1, 2013 110
Religious intolerance on TV. Jan 27, 2013 685
A closer look at Trent. O'Toole, James M. Jan 4, 2013 964
Anti-Catholicism, civic consciousness and parliamentarianism: Thomas Scott's Vox Regis (1624). Recio, Leticia Alvarez Report Jan 1, 2013 7430
Dutch colonial containment of Islam in Manggarai, West-Flores, in favour of Catholicism, 1907-1942. Steenbrink, Karel Report Jan 1, 2013 9628
"With the God of battles I can destroy all such Villains": war, religion, and the impact of Islam on Spanish and Mexican California, 1769-1846. Gonzalez, Michael Report Dec 22, 2012 12844
My God, your god. Dec 12, 2012 1207
The roots of conservatism in Mexico; Catholicism, society, and politics in the Mixteca Baja, 1750-1962. Book review Dec 1, 2012 185
Gregory Baum interview. Levesque, Raymond Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2012 562
Modernist theologies. Sicari, Stephen Critical essay Dec 1, 2012 10631
Synod surfaces ferment over mission. Allen, John, L., Jr. Nov 22, 2012 1200
Church tax decree bodes ill for German Catholicism. Leger, Moya St. Nov 8, 2012 998
Jurisprudence that necessarily embodies moral judgment: the Eighth Amendment, Catholic teaching, and death penalty discourse. Denk, Kurt M. Nov 1, 2012 10836
Jurisprudence that necessarily embodies moral judgment: the Eighth Amendment, Catholic teaching, and death penalty discourse. Denk, Kurt M. Nov 1, 2012 21550
Gay senator remains rooted in faith. Gunter, Julie Interview Oct 25, 2012 1078
Catholic outreach widens at Louisiana prison: 'Bapticostal' warden said Catholic inmates were under-churched. Wittenauer, Cheryl Oct 25, 2012 1027
Of religion and life's meaning. Oct 18, 2012 745
The choice before the next generation. Aquino, Jorge A. Essay Oct 11, 2012 1413
The controversies of post-conciliar theology. Hinze, Bradford E. Essay Oct 11, 2012 1563
Liberation gift is Vatican II's legacy. Gonzalez, Michelle A. Essay Oct 11, 2012 607
Troublesome priests? Awakening change in the church. Pendergast, Martin Sep 22, 2012 2175
Martini's passing and the death of debate. Allen, John L., Jr. Sep 14, 2012 1397
Holy rollers: the Nuns on the Bus are just one example of progressive dissidents challenging the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Malone, Clare Sep 1, 2012 2772
A Catholic response to Gavin D'Costa. Pawlikowski, John T. Essay Sep 1, 2012 5244
Indiana tops key Senate races: 'big tent' unlikely on abortion for Democrats, on anything for GOP. Winters, Michael Sean Aug 17, 2012 1413
Cunneen, Cross currents shaped US Catholicism for 50 years. Filteau, Jerry Aug 17, 2012 879
Catholicism, creativity, and the reconciliation of contrarieties: the power of love in John McGahern's The Barracks. Melfi, Mary Ann Essay Aug 7, 2012 11013
Catholicism with 'a questioning mind'. McElwee, Joshua J. Aug 3, 2012 393
Slovaks rally for fired archbishop. Allen, John L., Jr. Jul 20, 2012 606
Laos. Bailey, Stephen; Andrianoff, David Jul 1, 2012 2581
Irish Catholics' views on sex diverge from church teachings. Jun 22, 2012 151
Postscript. Conference notes Jun 22, 2012 691
Catholicism and metaphor: the Catholic fiction of David Lodge. Crowe, Marian Jun 22, 2012 10555
Catholic theology inspires speaker. Popovici, Alice Jun 8, 2012 922
Make room for God. Rosica, Thomas Cover story Jun 1, 2012 2633
Dissenting priests. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 216
Eastern right: conservative minds convert to Orthodox Christianity. Dreher, Rod Jun 1, 2012 2026
Karl Rahner repeated in Jean-Luc Marion? Fritz, Peter Joseph Essay Jun 1, 2012 8884
Catholic leadership in crisis. May 30, 2012 796
Catholicism, freedom and the fate of health care reform. DeCosse, David May 25, 2012 679
Colleagues celebrate theologian's career. Fox, Thomas C. Apr 27, 2012 1683
Reexamining Catholicism. Splitt, Frank G. Letter to the editor Apr 27, 2012 214
With personal tone, bishop calls for total reexamination of Catholicism. McElwee, Joshua J. Apr 13, 2012 1391
Tool assesses catholicity. Brief article Apr 13, 2012 122
Catholicism classes at Ariz. university questioned. Apr 1, 2012 150
US Catholics follow their consciences on abortion and sexuality, survey says. Mar 22, 2012 292
A brief note on the state and society's moral ecology. Gregg, Samuel J. Essay Mar 22, 2012 1127
Retrieving a Catholic tradition of subjective natural rights from the late scholastic Francisco Suarez, S.J. Brust, Steven J. Mar 22, 2012 10885
Vatican pushes global approach on fighting abuse. Allen, John L., Jr. Mar 2, 2012 1133
Eyes On Dolan at consistory. Allen, John L., Jr. Mar 2, 2012 619
Van Dyck in Sicily: while the plague held Palermo in its grip, Anthony van Dyck radically developed 12th-century iconography of Saint Rosalie through five paintings that imbued the saint with a sensual refinement. Van Dyck's Rosalie became one of Catholicism's most popular images of victory over pestilence, and represents a key period in the artist's development. Bailey, Gauvin Alexander Mar 1, 2012 4067
US bishops' model of conscience has little room for moral complexity. DeCosse, David Feb 17, 2012 1033
New evangelization or old apologetics? Marrin, Pat Book review Feb 3, 2012 850
Issues of conscience, without hyperbole. Editorial Feb 3, 2012 998
The Christian Studies Shelf. Book review Feb 1, 2012 1083
Seismic shifts reshape US Catholicism. Roberts, Tom Jan 20, 2012 2183
Catholic politicians' capital punishment conundrum. Beyer, Gerald J. Jan 6, 2012 1218
Joycean lice and the life of art. Ramey, James Report Jan 1, 2012 10647
Assessing the primacy: a contemporary contribution from the writings of St. Cyprian of Carthage. Murray, Russel Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 12820
How the Poles got organized: the emergence of organizational life amongst Polish Canadians in the 1920s and 1930s. Pawlus-Kasprzak, Gabriela Report Jan 1, 2012 11804
Irish nuns during English Benedictine rule: the impact of Irish sisters in early Catholic Australia. O'Shea, Robert Report Jan 1, 2012 3600
Plumbing questions of faith and life: Sherry Warden brings an ecumenical disposition to her Catholicism. D'Arienzo, Camille Interview Dec 9, 2011 1418
Three strengths of contemporary Catholicism. McBrien, Richard P. Column Dec 9, 2011 796
Amid tensions, the church survives. Scharper, Diane Book review Nov 25, 2011 1034
The Big Tent of the Catholic Church. Roberts, Tom Excerpt Nov 25, 2011 774
Catholicism. O'Connell-Cahill, Catherine Nov 22, 2011 351
Poll takes pulse of Iris Catholicism: nearly half express unfavorable view of church; many overestimate number of abusing priests. Kelly, Michael Nov 11, 2011 1007
No simple formula for politicians on campus. Allen, John L., Jr. Nov 11, 2011 1941
How Catholicism factors into the 'fit' of student and school. Schlumpf, Heidi Nov 11, 2011 1306
The extraordinary found in the ordinary. Leach, Michael Nov 11, 2011 765
From Latin Mass to 9/11: survey reveals generational shifts, with changes on the horizon as pre-Vatican II Catholics fade and millennial come into their own. D'Antonio, William Survey Oct 28, 2011 3429
Irish Catholicism: from the street and pew level. Jones, Arthur Oct 14, 2011 1972
Culture or faith? Origins of conflict in our society a catholic perspective. Canning, Raymond Essay Oct 1, 2011 3491
The disputes between Roman-Catholics and the anticlerical movement in France during the XVIII-XIX centuries. Calina, Gelu Essay Oct 1, 2011 3030
Cull, Ian V. "Catholicism and Crisis in the Modern British Novel: With Specific Reference to the Writings of Graham Greene and Evelyn Waugh.". Usui, Yoshiharu Essay Sep 22, 2011 215
Nine libertarian heresies tempting neoconservative catholics to stray from Catholic social thought. Finn, Daniel K. Essay Sep 22, 2011 6459
Critical analysis of the first concepts of social economy (1857). Taparelli, Luigi Essay Sep 22, 2011 11864
Catholicism as an instrument of counterhegemony: the religiopolitical ingenuity of Afro-Mexican People. Simms, Rupe Sep 22, 2011 9205
The Hasidic revolution: foundation of American popular culture. Cherry, Robert Sep 22, 2011 4149
The medium is the messiah: McLuhan's religion and its relationship to his media theory. Schuchardt, Read Mercer Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 4322
Retreat from theology's frontiers. Fox, Thomas C. Sep 2, 2011 975
G. K. Chesterton. Hunter, Ian Sep 1, 2011 831
From the editor's desk. Schultenover, David G. Editorial Sep 1, 2011 1216
Bishops' staffer on doctrine rips theologians as 'curse'. Allen, John L., Jr. Aug 19, 2011 795
NJ parish blossoms under first-time pastor. Gallagher, Tom Aug 19, 2011 1256
Mentored by the word and will of God. Sanchez, Patricia Datchuck Aug 19, 2011 819
Calling one another to conversion. Sanchez, Patricia Aug 19, 2011 816
Prime minister's harsh attack on Vatican wins praise in Ireland. Kelly, Michael Aug 5, 2011 1126
Flash points in sex and gender: case studies from the fringe underlie analysis of women in Catholicism. Dallavalle, Nancy Aug 5, 2011 1082
Creating space for intellectual debate: Pax Romana's symposiums explore Catholicism's rich and varied traditions. Sean, Michael Aug 5, 2011 913
Born-again Catholics: former denizens of evangelical arenas are finding new homes in the age-old sanctuaries of Catholicism. Nixon, J. Peter Aug 1, 2011 2760
Urgent tasks for church renewal: author's proposals may be vital for future of Catholicism. Phan, Peter Book review Jul 22, 2011 1359
Conservative catholic leaders, feminists form unlikely alliances. Allen, John L., Jr. Jul 8, 2011 1279
What is the Catechism of the Catholic Church? Cortes-Sjoberg, Santiago Jun 28, 2011 430
Just war: Catholicism's contribution to international law. Gaffney, James Jun 22, 2011 8130
Believers: Does Australian Catholicism Have a Future? Hine, Gregory Jun 1, 2011 1155
That all may be one? Church unity and the German national idea, 1866-1883. Landry, Stan M. Essay Jun 1, 2011 8962
WNEB converts to Catholicism; New nonprofit owner for vintage station. May 2, 2011 511
Blessed are you: how do we honor a pope whose complexities are still fresh in our memory? Cones, Bryan May 1, 2011 704
Ferment in Ireland as new report on sex abuse looms. Allen, John L., Jr. Apr 29, 2011 1393
Bringing creation care to seminaries: interfaith initiative offers resources, networking. Morris, Charles Interview Apr 15, 2011 1135
(St VICARS ALLOW THEIR FLOCKS TO ROME Congregations embrace Catholicism after; Congregations embrace Catholicism after dispute sees them leave Church of England. Apr 2, 2011 514
Where is Catholicism's Tahrir Square? Frawley-o'dea, Mary Gail Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2011 843
Realizing early English drama. MacLagan, Molly Report Mar 22, 2011 8082
Comprendre et gerer la peur existentielle: approches anthropologiques de la religion et des rituels de guerison. Goulet, Jean-Guy A. Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 15740
Caritas crackdown may signal realignment. Allen, John L., Jr. Mar 18, 2011 990
Factors associated with contraceptive use among Jordanian Muslim women: implications for health and social policy. Gharaibeh, Muntaha K.; Oweis, Arwa; Shakhatreh, Farouk M.N.; Froelicher, Erika Sivarajan Report Mar 15, 2011 6550
Catholics not replenishing their ranks. Interview Mar 4, 2011 866
Avalokitevara's manifestation as the Virgin Mary: the Jesuit adaptation and the visual conflation in Japanese Catholicism after 1614. Shin, Junhyoung Michael Mar 1, 2011 15948
Being a Spiritual Person. Mar 1, 2011 905
Quiet campaign builds for rethinking zero tolerance. Allen, John L., Jr. Feb 18, 2011 1630
Probing repercussions of a dark era. Feb 16, 2011 1571
The unremarkable hybrid: Aloysius Pieris and the redundancy of multiple religious belonging. Premawardhana, Devaka Essay Jan 1, 2011 13131
Religion popular catolica latinoamericana: dialectica de interpretaciones (1960-1980). Neira Fernandez, German Report Jan 1, 2011 13860
The uniqueness of Jesus: facing doctrinal questions, Peter Phan speaks his mind. Fox, Thomas C. Interview Dec 24, 2010 2398

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