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Rollprint Packaging Products Inc.

Rollprint Packaging Products Inc. of Addison, Illinois, USA, has added two new products to its transparent ClearFoil line. ClearFoil X and ClearFoil Z ultrahigh barrier packaging options are intended to replace aluminum foil structures, the company says. Rollprint claims ClearFoil Z is the first transparent, non-aluminum foil, flexible structure to reach ultra-high oxygen-barrier properties of 0.0008 cc/100 [in.sup.2]/24 hrs and moisture-barrier properties of 0.0008 g/100 [in.sup.2]/24 hrs. ClearFoil X performs at 0.004 cc/100 [in.sup.2]/24 hrs and 0.004 g/100 [in.sup.2]/24 hrs, the company says.


"With ClearFoil Z, we are able to provide barrier properties 100 times better than those typically found with non-foil structures," explains Doug Dodrill, vice president of technology. "ClearFoil X's barrier properties are approximately 10 times better. Because pinholes are inherently present in thin-gauge foils, they can impact barrier properties. As a result, ClearFoil X and Z can outperform structures made from the most common foils."

The new barrier films achieve their properties via aluminum oxide-coated polyester that can be either laminated or extrusion-coated with any of Rollprint's proprietary sealant technologies for added functionality, the company says. "ClearFoil X and Z are ideal for IV bag overwrap, combination drug/device products and sensitive devices such as absorbable sutures and tissue," Dodrill says. "They are well-suited to pharmaceutical applications where keeping a tight tolerance on oxygen and moisture ingress are critical. These products target applications where oxidation or small changes in ingredient ratios compromise efficacy or performance. Additionally, the films can be used for moisture and oxygen-sensitive food applications." Another advantage is that structures without aluminum foil do not interfere with metal detectors and do not compromise RFID devices, he notes.
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Date:Apr 1, 2010
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