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Rolling out.

* ROLLING OUT Owners of Losmandy GM-8 equatorial mounts can keep their telescopes fully set up and ready to roll out of the garage or shed for a night's observing with ScopeRoller 8. Designed specifically for GM-8 mounts, these caster units slide directly into the legs of the Losmandy LW tripod and require no permanent modifications. Each of the 3-inch wheels has a foot brake and functions best on concrete or other hard surfaces. Caster sets for other mounts, including the Losmandy G-11 and the Celestron CGE, are in the works.

* ScopeRoller, 13284 W. Redwick Dr., Boise, ID 83713; 208-938-5721;


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Title Annotation:new product showcase
Publication:Sky & Telescope
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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