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Rolling Rock unveils new truck graphics.

Rolling Rock unveils new truck graphics

Rolling Rock recently rolled out bold new graphics that turn a distributor's beer trucks into moving billboards around the country, the brewer reported.

The new design, similar to a Rolling Rock outdoor billboard, fills the side of the truck with a giant beer bottle lying on its side in rushing mountain spring water.

"It reads as clear as a billboard from great distances and it's unique to the industry," stated Brad Hittle, Rolling Rock brand manager. "The new truck graphic is going to dramatically increase Rolling Rock's prominence in outdoor advertising."

The rear of the truck displays the "33" pledge found on the back of every bottle, Hittle added. The brand manager also noted the new graphic is made to accommodate various truck sizes and styles.

PHOTO : ON A ROLL--Rolling Rock beer distributors will soon be able make deliveries in trucks featuring new outdoor graphics. Latrobe Brewing Co. believes the trucks will act as "rolling billboards."
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Title Annotation:bold new graphics that turn beer trucks into moving billboards
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 28, 1991
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