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Rolling Rock Bock introduced by Latrobe.

The Latrobe Brewing Co. has announced the introduction of Rolling Rock Bock, a new year-round specialty brand. The new beer is described as a "smooth, deep amber lager," and will be launched in select markets this September, with a national roll-out scheduled for early next year. Latrobe says the brand's price-point will be "comparable to other leading microbrew brands."

According to Latrobe, "Rolling Rock Bock will be brewed true to the tradition of the bocks of old Europe and will meet the highest German Purity Law standards for beer. This 100-percent malt product will have a careful balance between the nutty, caramel sweetness created by the roasted barley malt and clarity delivered by the Cascade hops."

The beer will be packaged in a long-neck brown bottle, with a pressure-sensitive label. According to Latrobe, use of a pressure-sensitive label allows for a high-quality graphic presentation, in this case a stylized rendition of a ram, the traditional symbol of bock beer.

Initial markets for Rock Bock include New York, NY; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; Boston, MA; Hartford, CT; Springfield, MA; Portland, ME; Manchester, NH; Providence, RI and Burlington, VT. The brand will be available in 12-oz. bottles and on draught, with a 22-oz. bottle planned to coincide with the brand's national roll-out.

"Latrobe is the perfect brewer to launch a micro-style product," says John Chappell, director of brand management. "It is a small-town brewer that produces and markets Rolling Rock as a niche, high-quality beer that consumers consider special in its taste and image. This tradition, coupled with the fact that Rolling Rock consumers share the same demographics as micro consumers, make it logical for Rolling Rock Bock to compete in the microbrew category."

According to Chappell, an aggressive point-of-sale program is planned by the Marketing Continuum of Dallas, TX. The campaign will include banners, table cards, header cards, neck hangers and wearables. Radio advertising in some markets will feature spots by Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Inc., touting the "deep amber lager of Old Latrobe."
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Title Annotation:Latrobe Brewing Co.'s specialty beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 16, 1993
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