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Rollick Amber Lager Pyramid Brewing Co. Kalama, WA.

Rollick's unusual name is borne out in its unique character. Smooth like a lager, but with a fruity character more akin to an ale. The panel liked it, but tasters weren't sure how to classify it, and just calling it an "amber lager" wasn't very helpful. It seems to fall between styles. Were the brewers aiming for an Oktoberfest or a Dusseldorfer Alt? But maybe we are just quibbling. Our toughest critic is Von Bair, Lt. Cdr, USN (ret)., and he thought it was just fine. "I like this," he said.

"Well made."

"A little fruit up front, and in the taste," said Tom Conti. "Very ale-like."

"Sulphur in the aroma, but dissipates," noted Dr. Steve Victor. "Hop flavor, not as much hop bitterness as you'd expect.

That fruity flavor does make it seem more like an ale."

"There is that hop fruitiness in the middle," agreed Gregg Glaser, "reminds me of a pale ale."

"No, it's smooth, it's been aged," said Robert Lachman. "Some bitterness, some hop, it's pretty good."
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Title Annotation:Brew Notes: New Beers
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 2, 2009
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