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Roller-coaster trip to fame and success.

Byline: By HANNAH JONES Western Mail

If the call hadn't come through to offer him his third record deal, Jamie Shaw could now be working in Boots the Chemist. The singer, who first shot to fame at age 13 and again at 17 when he was made part of the reality TV band One True Voice, says he was 'feeling so low' about his sinking career he was thinking about packing music in for good.

After all, he'd secured and lost two record deals by the time he was 18 and his high-profile stint as a teenage pop star came to a sudden end when One True Voice disbanded due to poor record sales.

'I was in Boots getting my smellies and stuff,' he says.

'And I thought I'd pay for them and ask for a job the same time.

'I mean I had no money, no income, had been disappointed so many times before and hadn't been doing any music since the band split up.

And then a call came and things started to change again.'

The rest of Jamie's story also reads like a publicist's dream.

The callers in question were record producer Jimmy Martin and Grammy Award winner Clif Magness, the man behind many of the hits of chart topping American divas Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson and Celine Dion. The next part of his tale is even more remarkable.

'It know it sounds incredible but this is how it happened,' says the singer from Dinas Powys.

'I was lying on the beach with my friend in Marbella and I was singing away to songs on my iPod.

'And I must have been singing really loudly because this man just came up to me and said I had a great voice. He then asked me if I fancied going into the studio and hearing some tracks and possibly singing on them.

'So that's what I did and I loved what I heard.

'I told my parents back home in Barry about it, but they were like me, thinking that I'd been kicked so many times and disappointed by broken promises that I should just take it all as it came.

'I came back home and heard no more from them. Feeling a bit down again, I thought about getting a job in Boots. And that's when the call came in to offer me a record deal.'

Jamie, who has already recorded his album called Different - 'because that's how I feel now, totally different to how I was when I was in One True Voice' - believes that this is a new shot at the big time, a move that could finally put his past behind him.

He has been on a roller-coaster journey since he made it into the Popstars: The Rivals group, from virtually unknown teenager, to one of five handpicked members of the new TV boy band.

When One True Voice split up, Jamie couldn't hide his disappointment and resentment towards manager Pete Waterman.

But he now believes that with a new attitude, smaller dedicated team and new rocker sound courtesy of Magness, it could be third time lucky.

'From day one of being on the Popstars show we had the most amazing time,' he said.

'But when we got to number two and as it went on, everyone was losing interest. People ask me all the time if I'd change anything and I can honestly say I wouldn't.

'I loved the fame and because we didn't really have much say in what we were doing, I kind of live for that. But now I've grown up and bit and know exactly what I want.'

The first song from Jamie's album, also called Different, is out on August 29. See him perform at Parti Ponty at Ynysangharad Park, Pontypridd on Sunday.: The rise and fall (and rise again) of Jamie Shaw:Record deal 1 Jamie's first big break came when his aunt spotted an advert for the Michael Barrymore show, My Kind of People. Jamie, then 13, sang Shirley Bassey's This is My Life on an audition tape and, a phone call later, was on his way to a Birmingham shopping centre to perform for the cameras and a live audience.

Barrymore led a standing ovation and asked Jamie to be on another show, My Kind of Music, where he performed Titanic's My Heart Will Go On as the star act.

The children of a Decca Records boss, who were watching the programme, dragged their father to the TV and, after a two-week search for Jamie, a deal was signed.

He recorded an album, When You Believe, but circumstances conspired against the young star-in-the-making and his deal dissolved.

Losing the Decca deal came at a bad time for Jamie as he was being bullied for being overweight and for appearing on TV.

Record deal 2

In November 2002, Jamie was picked as one of the five boys in the band One True Voice. Managed by Kylie Minogue's former hitmaker Pete Waterman, their first single was a cover of a the Bee Gees song Sacred Trust.

It was famously pitted against Sound of the Underground for the Christmas number one slot by Girls Aloud, the second band to be put together as part of Pop Stars: The Rivals. They lost the battle and it was downhill from there.

Record deal 3

Could it be third time lucky for Jamie? He's hoping his new record on Rockin' Nation Music, helped by the team behind Avril Lavigne, will finally set him on the road to continued success.
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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