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Hello! Margo Twinkletoes, here, U.S. Kids dance instructor. Can you help me create some fun new dances? Don't worry if you've never danced before; the funnier and sillier your dance, the better. Just follow the steps below.

1. Borrow a die from a board game.

2. Roll the die. Find that same number in the Sound Effects list on page 27. Write it down on a paper.

3. Toss the die again to get an action from the Arm Movements list. Write it down.

4. Use the die again to get a Leg Movement and write it down.

5. Get some music started, a CD, the radio, your ipod ... whatever you like.

6. Now make your sound effects and do your arm and leg motions in time to the music. Hey! You're dancing! Can you name your dance?

7. Throw your die again and again to create lots of fun dances, and have your friends join in.

Dancing is not only a fun form of exercise; it also can express ideas and emotions. These dances will express the idea that you're a crazy character!

Sound Effects

1. scream

2. sing

3. laugh

4. hum

5. animal sounds (you choose)

6. click with your tongue

Arm Movements

1. bird wing flaps

2. up and down over your head

3. swimming strokes

4. side to side

5. shrugs

6. up and down in front of you

Leg Movements

1. hop on one foot

2. skip around the room

3. squat down and jump up

4. pedaling movements on your back

5. kick from side to side and front to back

6. jump up and down
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