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Roll out the recognition.

One of the highlights of each year's Annual Conference is the bestowing of recognition on deserving members and nonmembers alike who have contributed to the growth and progress of the ADAA. When the spotlight was turned on this year's award recipients in Denver, both new and old faces smiled from the podium as then-president Debra L. Von Alman, CDA, RDA, made the presentations, assisted by President-Elect Cathy Roberts, MADAA, Awards Council Chair Shelley B. Douglas, CDA, and corporate leadership from Sunstar Butler, Sullivan-Schein and Colgate.

Most awardees are nominated through open nominations announced each January in the Journal where nomination forms are also included.

From the publishing world, Craig Dickson of PennWell Publishing was honored with 2006% Distinguished Corporate Award. Craig has long worked with the ADAA Foundation to develop funding for education and research and has provided a higher profile for the Foundation through his efforts.

Last year's Distinguished Corporate Award recipient, Linda L. Miles, CSP, CMC, was honored again this year with an Honorary ADAA Membership in recognition of her continuing efforts to promote and support not only ADAA, but the entire dental assisting profession. Ms. Miles is a renowned dental practice consultant and a member of the ADAA Foundation Board of Directors and the ADAA Editorial Advisory Board.

The Sullivan-Schein Awards of Excellence are presented to winners nominated from each of their home districts. Nominations are based on the individual's accomplishments that enhance the dental assisting profession in areas of local and state association development, communications, leadership, membership development and community service. From the pool of district recipients, the ADAA Awards Subcommittee chooses one awardee for recognition as the national Award of Excellence recipient.

National Award Recipient Bonnie Marshall, CDA, EFDA, EFODA, MADAA, Battle Ground, wash., was named as 10th District recipient as well as the national recipient of this annual award. She was honored for her continuing role of volunteer service to the ADAA, currently as 10th District Trustee, and for the role model she provides to dental assisting students and constituents.

In addition to a busy teaching and ADAA schedule, Ms. Marshall finds time to volunteer with Northwest Dental Van supporting families in need and working on "Give Kids a Smile" Day. In addition to receiving these local and national awards in Denver, Bonnie was also inducted as a Master of the ADAA.

District Recipients

First District: Joanne Wilbur, CDA, North Scituate, R.I. For over 25 years, Joanne Wilbur has held leadership positions, chairs and served on committees for the Rhode Island Dental Assistants Association. Her efforts have previously resulted in recognition including the RIDAA's Barbara Bloomquist Award. She has been active as an advocate for dental assisting legislation and has spoken at open hearings regarding this type of legislation on several occasions in Rhode Island.

Second District: Sue Benlley Camizzi, CDA, Buffalo, N.Y., was recognized for her ongoing contributions of time and effort to her state and local ADAA components and particularly for her continuing efforts legislatively in behalf of dental assisting in the State of New York.

Third District: Michelle Johnson, CDA, CODA, Akron, Ohio, is a former Third District Trustee and currently serves as President of the Ohio DAA. Shelli's most recent pro-ADAA activity has involved the implementation of a student reception within her local association. The activity is now in its third year. In addition to her leadership duties, she finds time to provide CE for her local meetings.

Fourth District: Bettie S. Rogers, CDA, Hodges, S.C., is a life member-plus of the ADAA, and the list of her responsibilities past and present would fill this page. She was elected national Vice President at the Denver meeting, relinquishing her seat as Fourth District Trustee to which she was reelected in 2004. She currently serves on the SCDAA Executive Board as its Awards Chairman.

Fifth District: Alyce Norris, CDA, Miami Fla., has come out of retirement to urge others to enter the field of dental assisting. She is the Select Coordinator for the Florida Dental Health Foundation and travels the state making presentations on behalf of careers in the dental assisting field. She has served as the FDAA's newsletter editor for years as well as filling many of the association's leadership positions.

Sixth District: Gwen Graham-Feldkamp, CDA, RDA, Dexter, Mich., has been a member of ADAA for nearly 30 years and has held numerous state and local leadership positions. She is credited with leading her local to three annual Dental Assistants Recognition Week awards. She is employed by the Michigan Department of Corrections at Jackson and has helped to bring dental assisting training to correctional facilities in that state. Gwen has visited almost 50 children's classrooms bringing dental health education to students on her own time.

Seventh District: Luann Brownson, CDA, Rapid City, S.D., is a civilian employee of Ellsworth Air Force Base and has been a member of ADAA for over 30 years. She has been active on the state and local level of the SDDAA and has revised and worked with the state bylaws and the local rules of governance throughout the state. Professionally, she has trained Red Cross volunteers in the Air Force dental clinic including chairside assisting, record keeping and charting. She teaches SD Board of Dentistry-approved radiology courses. As a volunteer on the personal level, Luann has painted more than 25 memory boxes given to grieving families who have lost a baby.

Eighth District: Jane Slach, CDA, RDA, Oxford, Iowa. Ms. Slach is a Past President of the Iowa Dental Assistants Association and was recognized in general for her continuing contributions to the goals of the Association and her outstanding work in state legislative matters.

Ninth District: Mickey Alexander, Stephenville, Tex., is an ADAA Life Member and Executive Secretary/Treasurer of the Texas DAA. Holding this office she is an ex-officio member of several committees and provides input to several other areas. She has given unstintingly of her time to further the ADAA and TDAA in terms of membership growth and was recognized for her contributions in Texas with the Joan Keisel Achievement Award. On a personal level she is also a volunteer with the Cross Timbers Community Health/Dental Clinic Search Committee in her home town of Stephenville. The committee researches the availability and advisability of incorporating dental services into its community health service.

Eleventh District: Nicole Marie Albo, CDA, Tempe, Ariz., is President of Arizona DAA and program Director of Rio Salado Community College dental assisting program. She is recognized for her instrumental role in Arizona's new legislation on coronal polishing and created the outline for the Board of Dental Examiners to follow while setting up testing requirements. She devotes time to many committees and events benefitting the underserved.

Twelfth District: Victoria Wallace, CDA, RDA, Las Vegas, was recognized for her tireless work on behalf of the ADAA and the Nevada DAA that she worked to organize and revitalize almost single-handedly. She consistently promotes the interests of the ADAA and is also a frequent contributor to The Dental Assistant Journal. At this year's Conference in Denver she was also honored with the Annual Journal Award for her article "The Office Environment" published in March 2006.

Federal District: SFC Vern E. Campigotto, Jr., Ft. Sam Houston, Tex., was the first military recipient of the Sullivan-Schein Award of Excellence since its creation in 1997. SFC Campigotto is a 15-year veteran of the U.S. Army and was recognized for his continuing promotion of the ADAA's objectives and for furthering the esteem of dental assisting throughout the Army. He has spearheaded many of the initiatives that have worked to bring the ADAA and the Army closer together.

More ADAA Awards

Achievement Award: This award is presented to an individual nominated from general membership but selected by the Board of Trustees for one demonstrating the most outstanding achievements in promoting the objectives of the Association and furthering the profession of dental assisting.

This year's presentation was made to Mary Harrison, CDA, EFDA, EFODA, of Portland, Oregon, who is currently state president and has served as 10th District Trustee. As well as holding leadership positions in Oregon local components, Mary is currently representing ODAA at the Oregon State Dental Assistant Rules Committee, Expanded Function Committee and the Survey Committee regarding Assistant and Hygienist shortages. Ms. Harrison was the first recipient of the national Sullivan-Schein Award of Excellence presented in 1997.

New Member Involvement Award: Using the same criteria as the Achievement Award, the New Member Award is presented to a member of no more than five years' standing. This year's award was presented to Jennifer Halfield, CDA, EFDA, of Colorado Springs for her enthusiasm and commitment to the ADAA and the Colorado DAA. She is credited with changing the association's acronym to CODAA for stronger identity and differentiation from California and Connecticut, for developing a website for CODAA and promoting it and for creating and presenting an exhibit booth for CODAA at the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention.

Sunstar Butler Pride Awards: Recognition is granted in four categories for the Pride Award including Business, Clinical, Education, and Military for dental assistants who have demonstrated loyalty to self as well as to the profession through hard work, motivation of others and enhancement of the career of dental assist ing on a state, local or national level.

Honored in the Business category was Kimberly Amy, CDA, CODA, of Akron, Ohio. Ms. Amy works in the practice of Edward J. Denholm, DDS, and is an active member of the Central Hower Dental Assisting program advisory board. She has organized student receptions with the Akron DAS, presented CE programs for dental assistants and visited several high schools in the Akron area addressing student assemblies on the rewards of a dental assisting career.

In the Clinical category, Nancy A. Callaway, CDA, of Overland Park, Kan., was recognized for all she has done for the Johnson County DAS and the Kansas DAA through the years. A clinical assistant, she is employed in the practice of Drs. Rogers and Headley in Overland Park where she is also involved in educating patients in postvisit care from this primarily cosmetic dentistry office. In addition to her state and local component activities, she is a member of the ADAA Foundation Board and served on ADAA's Legislative Council for three years,

Sheri Billetter, CDA, EFDA, MADAA, is department chair/faculty at Linn-Benton Community College in Corvallis, Ore., and has received the award in the Education category. During the last ten years she has graduated over 2000 students, and made sure that every one of them knew the benefits of membership in the ADAA. She has been a member of the Executive Board of the Oregon DAA as Education Chair and has taught courses for Oregon DAA throughout the state.

The first recipient of the Sunstar Butler Award in the Military category is SGT Brandy L. Gainsley. The criteria for the military award is identical to that of the other awards. SGT Gainsley is the U.S. Army Dental Command Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) of the Year for 2006. She competed at the unit, region and command levels, coming in first each time. The DENCOM NCO of the Year Program provides special recognition to those enlisted personnel demonstrating outstanding military achievement. SGT Gainsley demonstrated her excellence in all areas by scoring higher than finalists from six other regions.

Journal Award: For the best member-written, educational article in an ADAA publication. Presented this year to Victoria Wallace, CDA, RDA, LasVegas, for her article "The Office Environment" that appeared in the March/April 2006 issue of The Dental Assistant. She discussed the aesthetics and maintenance of all practice areas--reception, administrative, clinical--from the patient's point of view and from a professional's view toward correcting unacceptable situations. Ms. Wallace also received the 12th District Sullivan-Schien Award of Excellence during the convention. She is Western U.S. University Relations Manager for Ultradent Products, Inc., and is a member of the ADAA Foundation Board of Directors.

Loyal Assistant Award: Presented to the nominee holding the longest consecutive employment record with one employer. The awardee for 2006 was Jeanine Kuge, CDA, of Aurora, Colo., who has been employed in the practice of Arthur H. Robbins, DDS, Denver, Colo., for over 41 years.

The prestigious ADAA/Colgate Community Volunteer Award is presented annually to a study group, local or state ADAA component, responsible for implementing a community program concerned with some aspect of preventive oral health. For the first time, an educational entity in Florida has been recognized for this award recognizing its efforts to "Empower the community with oral health education, materials and knowledge that will assist them on their journey to healthier smiles." Three instructors and 41 students from Orlando Tech's Dental Assisting Program were involved in the various activities that involved fundraising for various community needs projects and dental-related projects of supplying toothbrushes and toothpaste to children in need. Involved Orlando Tech faculty included Cindy Bradley, MADAA, Director, Denise Murphy, CDA, CDPMA, FADAA, Instructor, and Tiffany Bradley, CDA, Instructor.

Footnotes From the Foundation

Fund-Raising Milestones: The Foundation presence at the Annual Conference was felt more strongly than ever with a rollicking fund-raising party featuring homegrown entertainment and a live auction presided over by Andy Whitehead, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Crosstex International. The live auction featured an array of appealing gifts and there was a three-day silent auction under the watchful eyes of past president Anna Nelson, CDA, RDA, and Paul Gresko, Lincoln Park, N.J., husband of immediate past Vice President Sara Gresko, CDA, RDA. This year the stunning amount of $25,000 was raised to support Foundation activities that include ADAA education and research. In 2005, $19,000 was raised and in 2004, $15,000. Since its inception in 1993, the Foundation has raised nearly one million dollars for the ADAA.

Recognition and Reward: Starting a new tradition of recognizing efforts in behalf of the Association and the Foundation, the first Kay Mosley Distinguished Service Award was presented at the ADAA Conference in Denver. The award is named in honor of past national President Kay Mosley, CDA, of Oklahoma and was presented at the Conference by Ms. Mosley and Foundation Chair Angela Mancuso of Sullivan-Schein.

The award was presented to Anna Nelson, past national ADAA President. Ms. Nelson of San Francisco was cited for her continuing service to the profession as the Director of the dental assisting program at City Colleges of San Francisco and through her volunteer posts with the Dental Assisting National Board and the ADAA, specifically to the Association through her continuing work with The Dental Assistant Journal as its Editorial Director and to the Foundation for her tireless work in behalf of fund-raising through the live and silent auctions.

In addition to commemorative materials--a plaque and medallion--a check for $2500 was presented to Ms. Nelson. She immediately endorsed it back to the Foundation.
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