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Role Reversal.

Think wrestling is just for big, brawny men like. The Roc or Stone Cold Steve Austin? Yeah, right! Maija Ekey, 10, has put many a poor boy into a headlock, and this isn't that cheesy WWF stuff either. Maija began wrestling in second grade-practically right out of the cradle. "I always wrestled my dad and brother when I was little," says Maija. Though she's in fourth grade, Maija hits the mat with middle schoolers. She competes for a Baltimore wrestling team, continually stamming opponents-all boys. She's the only girl of over 400 guys! Maija wins most matches in the 95 to 100-pound weight class. Does Maija like putting the boys in a full Nelson? "I think its fun. I like to make them cry," says Maija. The powerhouse aspires to be the first woman's wrestler to capture Olympic gold and says boys are intimidated by her gender: "They try to be better in a match so they don't lose to a gril." Maija isn't the only girl stomping out stereotypes-over 2,300 girls currently participate in high school wrestling. So, if y ou're looking for some action where you can use your strength and pin guys, wrestling is your gig!
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Title Annotation:Maija Ekey, wrestler
Publication:Girls' Life
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Date:Jun 1, 2001
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