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Rohm and Haas expands range of coatings biocides.

Rohm and Haas has added a number of new products to its coating biocides product line. Rocima 550 microbiocide, a zero-VOC preservative that is stable in high pH systems and Rocima 607 microbiocide, a BIT and Bronopol blend, have been added to Kathon LX 1.5% microbiocide. Rohm and Haas recently received EPA registrations for Rocima 63 microbicide and Rocima 65 microbicide. Both products contain three biocidal active ingredients, including an algaecide, to provide broad spectrum control of fungal and algal problems in a variety of exterior applications including paints, stains, building materials, stucco, caulks and sealants.

Rocima 63 microbicide, designed for protection of coatings applied to cementitious surfaces, has been successfully used in Europe to protect masonry surfaces from algal and fungal defacement.

Rocima 65 microbiocide, formulated for the protection of coatings applied to wood substrates, has demonstrated long lasting mildew protection.

Rohm and Haas has also received EPA registration for Rocima 2000 microbicide, a low-VOC formulation of Rezone 2000 microbicide that is designed for easier incorporation, while providing the same broad spectrum of protection.
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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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