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Rohani claimed a Ph.D. from London in the 1980s.

Glasgow Caledonian University confirmed a few weeks ago that President Hassan Rohani was indeed awarded a doctorate there in 1999. But now it turns out that Rohani was claiming two decades earlier to have received a doctorate from the University of London before the revolution.

Rohani was elected a deputy to the first post-revolutionary Majlis in 1980 and re-elected throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Each term, the Majlis printed a directory with a picture of each deputy and brief biographical materials, including each deputy's higher education.

Starting in the very first Majlis directory, Rohani claimed to hold a doctorate in the law.

In an interview published March 9, 1980, in Jomhuri Eslami, one of the major dailies of the time, Rohani said he received a doctorate in "legal sociology" from the University of London in 1979. But Glasgow Caledonian University has said it awarded him a master's in law in 1997 and a doctorate in 1999.

A few years ago, the Majlis forced one of Ahmadinejad's cabinet ministers from office because he claimed falsely to hold an honorary degree from a British university--and that didn't involve an academic claim since it was just a supposed honorary degree.

Iran's penal code provides a prison term of 12 to 36 months for any official who falsifies an academic record.

The false claim of academic credentials raises serious questions about Rohani's personal ethics--especially given that he has pledged to restore ethics to the government.

Questions have still not been answered about the degrees he received from Glasgow Caledonian. While the university has confirmed those degrees were awarded, questions have been raised about possible plagiarization of his theses.

Furthermore, at the time Rohani was supposedly studying in Britain, he held positions with the executive branch of the government in Tehran as well as being a deputy in the Majlis. This has prompted speculation that he may have paid someone to do his work.

The theses he wrote would require mastery of English. Rohani will undoubtedly be watched closely on his trips abroad to see how well he can speak English.

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Title Annotation:Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
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