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Rogue firm blamed for cold call abuse.

Byline: Guy Newey

One of the UK's largest doubleglazing businesses believes a rogue firm is using its name to make abusive and threatening sales calls.

The news came after a Birmingham councillor endured an abusive outburst after he declined to listen to the sales patter from a telephone sales cold caller to his home in Stoney Lane, Yardley.

The caller who contacted Coun Mike Ward (Lib Dem Sheldon) claimed to work for Coldseal, which runs centres in Birmingham and Yardley.

But the firm denied any of its staff had made the call and their claim was backed up by an independent call monitoring firm which logs all calls made through the company's phone system.

Coun Ward was on his way out last Thursday evening when a saleswoman calling herself 'Rachel from Coldseal' rang his home number.

'I said I was not interested and put the phone down straight away,' said the 49-year-old.

'She called back straight away and said I had won a competition. I recognised the sales tactic so I put the phone down.

'But she called back again. I ignored it and then when the phone rang for the fourth time I picked it up in case it was a constituent.

'The girl then said: 'You are what is known as a stuck-up t****r and if you don't need any windows now you will do in a couple of weeks when somebody puts them through'.'

Coun Ward gave a full report to officers at Stechford police station the same evening because of the threat implied in the call.

Last night, Coldseal denied the call came from any of their centres, a claim that was verified by independent call monitors UK Data.

A spokesman said: 'We do not use the sales line of having won a competition and the kind of abuse we are talking about is a sackable offence. Our sales department has been investigating another example of a firm using the Coldseal name in the Midlands region and incorporating overly aggressive techniques. We are conducting a full and thorough inquiry into both incidents.'
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Aug 20, 2003
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