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Rogue Wave Software Donates Programming Code for Enterprise Software Development to Open Source Community.

BOULDER, Colo. -- Rogue Wave(R) Tool Accepted by Apache Software Foundation's Incubation Program To Foster Collaborative Software Development and Facilitate Cross-Platform Migration

Rogue Wave Software, a division of Quovadx, Inc. (Nasdaq: QVDX) providing reusable software components and services that facilitate application development, today announced that it has donated its popular C++ Standard Library software to the world software development community through the Apache Software Foundation. The C++ Standard Library, which is a critical component of many enterprise applications, is now available through the Apache Software Foundation's Incubator program under the project name stdcxx located at To download the source code for stdcxx now, please visit

"Today's professional developer plays a crucial, yet potentially overlooked, role in the success of the 21st century enterprise," said Cory Isaacson, president, Rogue Wave Software division, Quovadx. "With the donation of the Rogue Wave Implementation of the C++ Standard Library, we hope to make a meaningful contribution to the open source community and the further development of new and innovative products by providing a highly reliable, cross-platform foundation library for professional C++ developers worldwide. The use of the Apache Implementation of C++ Standard Library can free-up valuable developer time, allowing them to a concentrate on building new application features rather than dwelling on the tedious task of cross-platform porting and testing."

By donating its popular C++ Standard Library to the Apache Incubator program, programmers will have the ability to add to and enhance the C++ Standard Library, ensuring the further collaborative development of interoperable applications that keep-up with the fast pace of software development.

"We are happy to accept the C++ Standard Library as an Incubator project," said Greg Stein, chairman, Apache Software Foundation. "A cross-platform compatible C++ Standard Library is increasingly important to developers creating applications for use across multiple operating systems and compilers. We look forward to developing additional functionality through the contributions of our community."

"We are very proud to donate this software to the Apache Software Foundation because of their strong track record in stewarding software to the open source community," added Isaacson. "It was very important to us that we donate this software to the community in the most complete and useful form possible, because, as professional developers, we know first hand how costly and time consuming it can be to port C++ applications to various platforms. With this contribution, we are demonstrating our commitment to the development community and lending our extensive experience with cross-platform development tools. To us, this is what the Open Source movement is about -- empowering developers with the right foundational technology and expertise, allowing them to use these tools to tackle ever challenging application requirements."

Isaacson also added that this is the first of several donations that Rogue Wave Software, and its parent company, Quovadx, plan to make in the coming months.

About the Rogue Wave(R) C++ Standard Library

The Rogue Wave Software implementation of C++ Standard Library is a critical building block for the completion of C++ development projects. C++ Standard Library gives developers a set of standardized, pre-existing source-level code for performing common programming tasks, allowing the developer to:

--Bypass rewriting new source-level code at the start of each software development project

--Reduce the time it takes to test completed applications for cross-platform support

--Focus on enhancing the core functionality of an application and meeting business needs.

C++ Standard Library has been accepted as an Apache "podling," or a code base first entering the Apache community. The code can be added to by users, called committers within the Apache community, under the name "Apache implementation of C++ Standard Library." Through the Apache Incubator program, committers can donate code by subscribing to the appropriate Apache mailing list at Others who want to be kept apprised of milestones in the Apache implementation of the C++ Standard Library project can subscribe to the appropriate mailing list at

C++ Standard Library is a component of the Rogue Wave(R) SourcePro(R) C++ Suite. The SourcePro C++ Suite is an important tool in developing applications that will run efficiently in dual-core environments by facilitating the development of multi-threaded applications.

"Intel provides a full suite of software development products to help developers easily create the fastest software possible on Intel(R) architecture," said Melissa Laird, general manager of Intel's Developer Relations Division. "The standard libraries offered by Rogue Wave Software, along with our software products, provide an excellent set of capabilities to help developers create solutions that deliver high-performance multi-tasking and multi-threading, improved system performance and efficiency and a more stable infrastructure for a dual-core environment."

Rogue Wave SourcePro C++ reduces the planning, development and testing involved in writing applications by providing cross-platform databases that allow developers to more quickly and easily build applications based on existing business logic. With SourcePro C++, companies can quickly build and integrate agile applications that can easily be migrated from one platform to another as their business and technology needs change. SourcePro C++ supports Linux Red Hat and SuSe Linux on Intel(R) hardware as well as Windows, Linux and various proprietary UNIX operating systems.

About Rogue Wave Software

Rogue Wave Software, a division of Quovadx, Inc. (Nasdaq: QVDX), provides reusable software components and services that facilitate high-performance application development. Today, more than 300,000 developers at some of the world's leading companies have used Rogue Wave(R) products to develop enterprise-level applications. Rogue Wave Software operates throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit

Intel is a trademark or registered trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

Rogue Wave and SourcePro are registered marks of Quovadx, Inc. All other company and product names mentioned may be trademarks of the companies with which they are associated.
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Rogue Wave Software Donates Programming Code for Enterprise Software Development to Open Source Community.

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