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A 28-year-old farmer from the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of northwest China has successfully flown a self-made aircraft.

Liu Yibing took his mother along for the aircraft's maiden voyage on 3 June, and then proceeded to successfully pilot the aircraft 14 times during the day. The highest altitude reached by the 8.78-metre-long aircraft was 100 metres.

The super-light aircraft has been built from spare parts and is powered by a 20-horsepower engine that Liu made himself according to Xinhua.

Liu's achievement was apparently spurred by reading a magazine article about super-light aircraft. Liu has actually made three previous aircraft but these have met with disaster during trial flights, although his 1997 aircraft rose into the sky for some five minutes.

Liu is hoping to continue his endeavours in aircraft manufacturing so that he can use the aircraft for purposes such as the spraying of pesticides and grass seeds.

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Publication:Airline Industry Information
Date:Jun 15, 2000
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