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Roessel, David and Rampersad, Arnold (Eds.): Langston Hughes: Poetry for Young People Series.

Roessel, David and Rampersad, Arnold (Eds.) LANGSTON HUGHES: Poetry for Young People Series. ISBN 1-4027-1845-4. Il. by Benny Andrews. New York: Sterling Publishing, 2006. 48 pp. $14.95. This introduction to the poetry of Langston Hughes is edited by two experts on his work, David Roessel and Arnold Rampersad, and beautifully illustrated by one of the most important living American artists, Benny Andrews. Langston Hughes was one of the first American poets to incorporate African American themes into his work. Several of the 26 poems included in this collection describe the dreams, struggle for freedom, and culture of African Americans. The editors have included a brief and informative introduction to each poem and footnotes defining unfamiliar words for young readers. "Aunt Sue's Stories," Hughes's famous poem about his grandmother, is included. Ages 8 and up.--MAH
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Author:Hannibal, Mary Anne
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 22, 2006
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