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Rodrimar handles Brazil's coffee shipment control.

Rodrimar handles Brazil's coffee shipment control

Rodrimar S/A of Santos, Brazil has revolutionized the procedure for controlling the stuffing of coffee containers in Brazilian ports.

The Rodrimar group which was founded in Santos in 1944, now consists of three companies specialized in freight forwarding, warehousing, transporting and as shipping agents not only for coffee but for many other Brazilian export and import products. The head office of the firm is located in San Paulo for administrative reasons but the central of operations continues in Santos with branch offices in the principal coffee ports of Rio de Janeiro, Paranagua and Vitoria plus branches in various other Brazilian ports and at the principal international airports.

The company today employs over 600 people with specialists skilled in the various areas of service that Rodrimar offers. In Santos, the firm has a very high-tech terminal and warehouse with complete computerized control for the receiving, stuffing and transporting of coffee containers.

The coffee division of Rodrimar was established by Antonio Celso Grecco, one of the owners of the company, and is under the management of Frederico Lage, a director of the firm. Before joining Rodimar, Lage gained a vast experience in shipment control problems by working as an assistant in freight forwarding firms in the U.S.A., Europe and the Mid-East. He is fluent in several languages and attends international conventions and seminars as a representative of Rodrimar.

The Rodrimar Terminal and Warehouse in Santos is uniquely equipped to control through computer terminals the weighing of the container before and after stuffing and the checking of the humidity of the coffee at time of stuffing. A print-out of the control of each container with all details including total net weight and average weight and humidity per bag is issued and sent to the importer.

This service is usually performed at the request of the importer with a charge depending on volume and specified control factors. At the present time, many of the leading coffee importers in the U.S.A. and a large percentage of European coffee importers have contracted with Rodrimar for their service of controlling coffee shipents.

The Rodrimar Group with their high-tech equipment and efficiency have developed an advanced generation of controls for coffee shipments from Brazil.

According to Frederico Lage, "the main objective of the services is to guarantee the importer the exact amount shipped, allowing them to renegotiate and decrease the insurance premium, permitting them also to establish new contracts based on the actual weight shipped instead of the traditional `ship's weight.'"

PHOTO : After checking moisture content of a sample, Federico Lage enters data into their computer

PHOTO : system.
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Title Annotation:revolutionary procedure for controlling the stuffing of coffee containers in Brazilian ports
Author:Jones, T.
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Jul 1, 1989
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