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Rodent Bite Injuries Presenting to Emergency Departments in the United States, 2001-2015. Langley, Ricky; Haskell, Marilyn Goss; Hareza, Dariusz; Haileyesus, Tadesse; King, Katherine; Mack, Report Feb 26, 2021 5833
Molecular Evidence of Bartonella spp. in Rodents: A Study in Pianosa Island, Italy. Divari, Sara; Pregel, Paola; Zanet, Stefania; Ferroglio, Ezio; Giannini, Francesca; Scaglione, Frine Report Nov 1, 2020 3001
People urged to do their bit in keeping down rodent populations. Aug 5, 2019 663
Consistent demographic trends in Savi's pine vole between two distant areas in central Italy. Dell'Agnello, Filippo; Barfknecht, Ralf; Bertolino, Sandro; Capizzi, Dario; Martini, Matilde; Mazza, Report Aug 1, 2018 4785
Scientists have Found Animals Thought to have Disappeared 30 Years Ago. May 9, 2018 447
Short Communication - Impact of Soil Types on the Abundance of Murid Population in North Punjab, Pakistan. Faiz, Abu ul Hassan; Abbas, Fakhar-i-; Faiz, Lariab Zahra Report Feb 28, 2018 3175
Forest specialist and generalist small mammals in forest edges and hedges. Schlinkert, Hella; Ludwig, Martin; Batary, Peter; Holzschuh, Andrea; Kovacs-Hostyanszki, Aniko; Tsch Report May 1, 2016 7233
Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, Zibo City, China, 2006-2014. Wang, Ling; Wang, Tao; Cui, Feng; Zhai, Shen-Yong; Zhang, Ling; Yang, Shu-Xia; Wang, Zhi-Qiang; Yu, Feb 1, 2016 1967
Rodent numbers only affected by temperature changes. Nov 15, 2011 414
Pygmy rice rat as potential host of Castelo dos Sonhos Hantavirus. da Rosa, Elizabeth S. Travassos; Medeiros, Daniele B.A.; Nunes, Marcio R.T.; Simith, Darlene B.; Per Report Aug 1, 2011 2152
Population dynamics of the common shrew and pygmy shrew (Soricomorpha: Soricidae) in a clear-cut of a mixed forest in eastern Lithuania/ Mets-karihiire j a vaike-karihiire (Soricomorpha: Soricidae) populatsioonidunaamika segametsa raiesmikul Ida-Leedus. Mazeikyte, Janina Reda Report Sep 1, 2009 4348
Small mammals and their parasites (ixodid ticks) in urban forests and parks of St. Petersburg/ Pisiimetajad ja nende parasiidid (puugid) Sankt-Peterburgi metsades ning parkides. Tretyakov, Kirill Report Sep 1, 2009 3141
Perspectives on scrub typhus, tick-borne pathogens, and Hantavirus in the Republic of Korea. Sames, William J.; Kim, Heung-Chul; Klein, Terry A. Jul 1, 2009 6285
A comparison of habitat use and demography of red squirrels at the southern edge of their range. Leonard, Katherine M.; Koprowski, John L. Report Jul 1, 2009 6630
Mast and weather influences on population trends of a species of concern: the Allegheny woodrat. Manjerovic, Mary Beth; Wood, Petra Bohall; Edwards, John W. Report Jul 1, 2009 4399
Multiple captures of white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus): evidence for social structure? Feldhamer, George A.; Rodman, Leslie B.; Carter, Timothy C.; Schauber, Eric M. Report Jul 1, 2008 3187
Extension of the cliff chipmunk (Neotamias dorsalis) range in Idaho. Bartels, Peggy; Niwa, Masako; Wolfe, Michael L. Jun 1, 2007 2323
Long-Term Hantavirus Persistence in Rodent Populations in Central Arizona. Mills, James N. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 1999 5993
A Longitudinal Study of Sin Nombre Virus Prevalence in Rodents, Southeastern Arizona. Downard, Giselle T. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 1999 2909
Statistical Sensitivity for Detection of Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Rodent Population Densities. Dunnum, Jonathan L. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 1999 3656
Natural History of Sin Nombre Virus in Western Colorado. Beaty, Barry J. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 1999 6099
Long-term Studies of Hantavirus Reservoir Populations in the Southwestern United States: A Synthesis. Childs, James E. Jan 1, 1999 5286
Effects of cattle grazing on salt desert rodent communities. Jones, Allison L.; Longland, William S. Jan 1, 1999 5423
Rodent control in urban areas: an interdisciplinary approach. Dorsey, Elias A. Jan 1, 1999 4443
Long-term dynamics of small-mammal populations in Ontario. Fryxell, John M.; Falls, J. Bruce; Falls, E. Ann; Brooks, Ronald J. Jan 1, 1998 5589
Impacts of resource abundance on populations of a tropical forest rodent. Adler, Gregory H. Jan 1, 1998 7200
Heterozygosity, aggression, and population fluctuations in meadow voles (Microtus pennsylvanicus). Boonstra, Rudy; Hochachka, Wesley M.; Pavone, Leo Aug 1, 1994 8948

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