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Rocky Mountain Radar Unveils RMR-C450 Detector/Scrambler With Bilingual Voice Alert.

Business Editors

2004 International CES

Booth Number 4238

EL PASO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 8, 2004

Ultimate Protection Against Speeding Tickets is First

to Offer Alerts In English and Spanish;

Device Also Features Radar/Laser Protection, Two City Modes

(CES-Booth Number 4238) - Rocky Mountain Radar, a leading provider of radar/laser detection and scrambling equipment for personal automotive use, announced its RMR-C450 radar/laser detector and scrambler with bilingual voice readout. A breakthrough in the detector/scrambler category, the RMR-C450 not only makes cars invisible to police speed traps up to three miles away, but also gives users greater ease-of-use than ever before through its incredible array of user features.

"Rocky Mountain Radar's new RMR-C450 combines all our best and most technologically-advanced features in one incredibly powerful package," said Michael Churchman, Chief Executive Officer of Rocky Mountain Radar. "You simply can't buy more complete, more reliable, or more convenient protection against the latest radar/laser devices than the RMR-C450."

Providing 360-degree detection and 180-degree forward scrambling capability, the RMR-C450 scrambles every major kind of radar signal (X, K, and Ka), as well as all laser tracking signals, down to a distance of under 150 feet from the source unit. So effective are the capabilities of the RMR-C450 that its scrambling function is banned in the states of California, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Utah, and Virginia (a switch is incorporated into the RMR-C450 that turns off the jamming function where required.)

The 100% FCC-legal RMR-C450 detects any kind of radar (X, K, Ka, SuperWide, Pulse, Instant-On, POP, Photo) or laser radar (Pro-Laser, LTI, Laser-Lite) bands, as well as VG-2 "detector detectors". It instantly senses the notorious Stalker KA-Band radar at a remarkable distance of 2.8 miles.

Spanish/English Voice

The palm-sized RMR-C450 detector/scrambler provides a scanning time of just 60 milliseconds, and includes three operation modes (City 1, City 2, and Highway) for maximum detection effectiveness. It features two Rocky Mountain Radar exclusives: Micro-Scan(TM) technology, to catch Instant-On and POP radar; as well as Smart-Scan(TM), a feature the improves the likelihood of pre-emptive readings by frequently revisiting frequencies where recent "hits" occurred.

To increase safety and convenience, the RMR-C450 is the first detector/scrambler to offer English/Spanish voice alerts. When radar or laser tracking is detected, the unit clearly and audibly announces the kind of device ("K band", "KA band", "laser" and so on) in use. English or Spanish alternatives are easily chosen by pressing the Dim button as the unit is turned on.

Other handy features of the RMR-C450 include Safety Alert (SA) and Safety Warning System (SWS) signals, digital display, as well as dim, mute, and on/off controls.

Pricing, Availability

Rocky Mountain Radar's RMR-C450 detector/scrambler with bilingual voice readout is priced at $349.95 (MSRP) and will begin shipping in December 2003. For more information about the RMR-C450, or any other Rocky Mountain Radar product, call 915-587-0307.

About Rocky Mountain Radar:

Renowned radar expert Michael Churchman founded Rocky Mountain Radar, Inc. in 1990. Offering a complete lineup of radar detectors for personal mobile use, the company is recognized as the first and only manufacturer of FCC-compliant radar/laser scramblers, as well as products that combine radar/laser detection and scrambling. Rocky Mountain Radar's breakthrough technologies include Smart-Scan(TM), which ensures less false alarming, and Micro-Scan(TM), which boasts a 90 % probability to detect POP radar--the advanced micro-pulse system virtually undetectable by other radar detectors. Rocky Mountain Radar is unique in the radar detector industry due to its military radar and laser jamming experience, and is committed to pro-actively and dependably supplying its retailers with FCC-compliant products. A privately held corporation, Rocky Mountain Radar is headquartered in El Paso, TX.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 8, 2004
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