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Rockwell deploys FastLink Partners Program, signs Cheyenne Communications as charter member; joint partnership enhances remote access to client server facsimile applications.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 9, 1995--Rockwell Network Systems, a business unit of Rockwell International Corp. (NYSE:ROK), Monday announced a certification program called the FastLink Partners Program to minimize the operational costs of dial-up routing.

The program is expected to save many customers of remote client/server applications thousands of dollars in wide-area charges annually.

The company also announced that Cheyenne Communications Inc. is the charter member of FastLink. Under the guidelines of the program, Rockwell is adapting its link-optimizing SmartRoute Software with Cheyenne's network communications product, FAXserve. Additional filtering capabilities in the NetHopper will help eliminate unnecessary dialing.

As a result, mutual customers will experience significant cost savings through reduced WAN utilization.

"It's unprecedented for two companies to collaborate on development which ensures their products optimize wide-area links," said Howard Anderson, founder and managing director of the Boston-based Yankee Group, which analyzes trends in communications and information systems.

"The market is becoming flooded with remote access solutions, but until Rockwell, no vendor has actually announced that they can reduce monthly line charges," Anderson said.

"Users want to avoid astronomical line charges that result because some applications are not mindful of wide-area links," said Kevin Clougherty, Rockwell's NetHopper product manager. "The key feature of the program is its assurance to end users that WAN links have been optimized."

How Rockwell-Cheyenne partnership benefits customers

"Our FAXserve customers have been looking for a way to leverage their LAN-based communications services while they operate remotely," said David Weingard, director of business development for Cheyenne Communications. "The NetHopper provides an excellent vehicle for customer to maximize those services available within their LANs."

By accessing FAXserve remotely using Rockwell's NetHopper Dial-up Router, the remote user can submit facsimiles in the same manner as e-mail. After the facsimile is sent, NetHopper automatically disconnects the link.

FAXserve is a high-performance, NLM-based network facsimile solution. This means that facsimile services are seamlessly incorporated within the NetWare operating system, in the same manner as printing services. All users can send and receive faxes directly from their workstations from within any DOS, Windows, MHS-compliant or CAS-compliant application, while sharing hardware and software with all other users on the network.

By providing savings in productivity, hardware and fax-related supply and maintenance costs, FAXserve generates a quick return on investment.

"By certifying FAXserve with the NetHopper, Cheyenne continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing the remote user with the power of LAN-based facsimile services with minimal cost and setup," said Frank Roys, director of marketing for Rockwell Network Systems.

"Our customers can save significant money in two ways -- with a reduction of usage charges and on product purchases via incentives that will be offered by Rockwell and Cheyenne," Roys said.

In addition to providing its mutual customers with direct benefits from the high level of compatibility between the companies' products, Cheyenne Communications will offer a 10 percent rebate to NetHopper customers purchasing FAXserve. Rockwell will also offer rebates to Cheyenne Communications' customers who purchase a NetHopper product. Rebate amounts vary depending on model and configuration.

Why link optimization is important

NetWare servers frequently poll NetWare clients located throughout the network to determine if the user is still attached to the network. These "watchdog" packets increase phone bills. Spoofing the watchdog packets leads the server to assume these clients are still active and keeps the connection alive.

Rockwell's SmartRoute distinguishes between user application data and watchdog packets, and determines when to bring up the link. Phone charges are minimized, because SmartRoute spoofs watchdog packets until the link becomes active with data transfer or a preset time has elapsed.

SmartRoute link optimization was developed by Rockwell for its NetHopper series of dial-up routers to reduce operational costs. SmartRoute is the most comprehensive spoofing and filtering mechanism in the industry, and NetHopper has been recognized by leading industry publications as a low-cost, easy-to-use solution for connecting users to remote networks.

Cheyenne Communications was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Cheyenne Software Inc. in June 1989. Cheyenne Software is a leading international developer of essential software services for the heterogeneous network. Their enterprise-wide solutions include an array of security, backup, management and communications products, including Montronix, FAXserve, InocuLAN and their flagship product line, the ARCserve family of network backup software products.

Cheyenne's products are sold worldwide through an extensive distributor network and strategic OEM relationships. Cheyenne Communications has headquarters at 3 Expressway Plaza, Roslyn Heights, N.Y., 11577, and can be contacted at 800/243-9462 in the United States and Canada, or 516/484-5110.

Rockwell Network Systems, a unit of Rockwell Telecommunications, is a leading supplier of high-performance, standards-based LAN and remote access hardware and software to OEMs, systems integrators and value-added resellers worldwide. Rockwell Network Systems is located at 7402 Hollister Ave., Santa Barbara, Calif. 93117; telephone 805/968-4262 or 800/262-8023.

Rockwell International is a diversified, high-technology company holding leadership market positions in automation, avionics, aerospace, defense electronics, telecommunications, automotive components and graphics systems, with annual worldwide sales of more than $12 billion. -0-

Note to Editors: NetHopper, RoadHopper, FastLink and SmartRoute sofware are trademarks of Rockwell. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Photos available upon request. Jennifer Pigg, director of data communications, the Yankee Group, can be contacted at 617/367-1000, ext. 233.

CONTACT: Rockwell Network Systems, Santa Barbara
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 Cheyenne Communications Inc., Roslyn Heights
 Meira Primes, 516/629-4538;
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Date:Jan 9, 1995
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