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Rockwell Receives Contract for High Performance Electronics.

According to a report from NewsEdge Corp., Rockwell; Scientific has received a $6.4 M contract from the US Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center under the sponsorship of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop ultra-low power electronic technology for use in high speed digital and millimeter-wave circuits.

A major objective of the program will be the development of' transistors based on new types of compound semiconductors that employ antimony as a primary constituent. These new antimonide-based compound semiconductors (ABCS) have superior electronic properties and lower turn-on voltages compared to present-day semiconductor materials made from silicon, gallium arsenide and indium phosphide.

The ABCS technology will be combined with new techniques of circuit fabrication, pioneered by researchers at the University of California at Santa Barbara, to produce circuits for defense and space applications that are the world's fastest and have the lowest (electrical) noise and lowest consumed power.

In addition to benefiting military systems, the ABCS technology will have commercial impact in light-wave communication circuits, high frequency wireless applications and integrated optoelectronic circuits.

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Title Annotation:Rockwell Scientific receives contract from Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
Comment:Rockwell Receives Contract for High Performance Electronics.(Rockwell Scientific receives contract from Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center)
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Date:Oct 1, 2001
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