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Rocketinfo Inc. Outlines Corporate Strategy for 2005.

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. -- Rocketinfo, Inc. (OTCBB:RKTI) (the "Company") announced its corporate strategy for the calendar year 2005 in a letter to shareholders recently made available on their corporate Website's investor section

In the shareholders' letter, the Company's Chairman and CEO, outlines the company's goals for 2005.

We have just finished celebrating Rocketinfo's emergence as a public company. While Rocketinfo and its technologies have been painstakingly developed and tested over the past six years, it is the Company's emergence in the public sphere that has afforded us the opportunity to expose our exciting suite of news products to an eager worldwide audience. This milestone marks an important opportunity for us to reflect on what Rocketinfo has achieved over the past 6 years.

Since the Internet was commercialized in the mid-90s, it has achieved more rapid adoption than any other new medium and Rocketinfo's news portal,, is now among the most trusted news sites in the world. Rocketinfo's founders, Rick VanWell and Darren DeJean, originally started out to make Rocketinfo the premier source of current business news on the Internet. Rocketinfo's products and services are rapidly expanding as our aggressive marketing programs are being initiated, but Rick and Darren's original goal remains at the core of our mission today. As a company we remain committed "to delivering current business news faster, better, and cheaper."

Our 2004 results show the new Company in its most embryonic stage. The Company shows very limited revenue in 2004, reflecting the fact that the acquisition of Rocketinfo occurred in the last quarter of 2004. These results therefore represent the revenues generated by the private Company while operating with little or no funds for marketing. What is important to note, however, is that while Rocket was relatively unknown it had developed a small but dedicated list of marquee clients who were supportive of the Company's products (i.e. Sun Microsystems, NASCAR, Sun Life, and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade). It should also be noted that the new Company raised and spent over 1.5 million dollars in 2004 integrating, expanding and marketing the Company's products.

We did not expect to see any major improvement in gross revenue results as a result of these activities in 2004, or for that matter in Q1 of 2005. What we did expect and are currently seeing is a huge increase in interest in the Company's products and the signing of several new contracts, culminating in the signing of the major contract with the CNW Group (Canada NewsWire) in December 2004 and the launching of a major sales program by CNW incorporating the Rocketinfo product at the end of Q1 2005. The results from the Company's existing contracts will begin delivering significant increases in revenue in Q2 and beyond.

When we launched the marketing program in 2004, we also established goals relating to new contracts and increases in gross revenue for 2005. Many of these goals have already been met and exceeded. In addition, as our sales and marketing team continues to expand we are reaching and responding to an ever widening group of interested potential clients. We expect the pace of client signings to continue to grow throughout 2005. New and recently signed contracts, building upon our existing client base, will all contribute to substantially increased revenue for 2005 and beyond.

2004 was the year in which advertisers addressed the continued shift in media consumption patterns and habits by investing more of their advertising dollars online. With a dedicated and engaged audience utilizing and the recently released Rocket Desktop downloadable application we believe Rocketinfo is well positioned to take advantage of this shift. We recently introduced advertising into the Rocketinfo model, and given the incredible growth in advertiser demand for quality exposure we anticipate that advertising revenues will be a major contributor to the Company's 2005 revenue. A recently signed contract with targeted internet advertising supplier Kanoodle represents a vital step toward achieving our revenue targets. Preliminary results are showing a very good user response to the ads. Our goal for 2005 is to develop an advertising business that delivers the best quality audience, a targeted and effective set of advertising solutions, and high impact results for advertisers.

Innovation and Product Quality

In 2004 our corporate focus was on our technology and increasing the rate of innovation and product development within the company. The list of Rocketinfo's technology accomplishments and innovations in 2004 is lengthy. What follows, however, are a few notable developments:

Rocket Search Technology

During the past year we made many improvements to our core search product, including significantly improving our content scraping and indexing technology to provide more news, more quickly than other competing services. We also added personalization software that dramatically improves the quality and relevance of results through continued usage, effectively "learning" what the end-user is looking for. We believe that these improvements ensure that Rocketinfo solutions provide the most accurate and relevant results all without human intervention or editors. Internet News Portal

During the last year, usage of, our popular computer generated current news search portal soared to over 5,000,000 hits and search requests a month. Our free RocketNews portal now retains search history and allows full personalization and allows users to obtain current news from over 100,000 business news content sources (including 16,000+ global information sources and 80,000+ RSS/Atom news feeds and Weblog Sources). We were exceedingly pleased when, based upon the comments of many industry analysts and users, was nominated for a Webby Award in 2004 as the best news portal on the Internet along with the BBC.

Rocket RSS Products

When we began developing RSS products and services, very few people knew that RSS would become a powerful personal news and information tool. The popular RocketNews current news search engine can now be used to create dynamic keyword-based RSS feeds for use in any RSS reader, including the company's own Rocket RSS Reader. Since introduction last year over 37,000 registered users now use our RSS products to create personalized search based news feeds. No other search engine service can match Rocket RSS for real-time access to such a huge and diverse repository of current news and business information

Rocket Content Database

During 2004 the Rocket content database grew by over 30%. Rocketinfo now has access to more current news content at lower costs than any other infomediary on the planet. Rocketinfo's technology can find, index and distribute our content at lower costs and higher rates of speed than any other infomediaries. We now offer access to over 100,000 sources of current news and business information (with 16,000 primary sources). Our database includes all of the world's leading news outlets including Reuters, AP, Bloomberg, the New York Times, BBC as well as content from specialized content providers such as trade journals, industry portals, government filings, specialty magazines and the world's most popular and dynamic weblogs.

Rocket Embedded Marketing Strategy

During 2004 the Company embarked upon a new marketing strategy of allowing major application software vendors or value added resellers to include or "embed" our content or search functionality into their products. In aid of this strategy, Rocketinfo is the first search engine to release a "news and business information" search API for general use. Our Search API allows companies to create powerful products that take advantage of our comprehensive current news content repository. It is now clear that next-generation of business applications and services requires embedded search and dynamic access to real-time news & business information and the RocketNews Search API is the first technology to meet this demand. The verification of this strategy was the execution last year of our first major embedded agreement with the CNW Group.

Rocket Desktop Search Tools

We recently introduced the free Rocket Desktop Search tool (available for download from This product represents the second of the three pieces in our new Desktop Search Suite and is a lightweight application that provides a convenient, "always-on" way to search for the latest news from the thousands of sources in the Rocketinfo news database. The new Rocket Desktop gives users the ability to create and save searches for up-to-the-minute news from today, the past week or the past month. We also plan to introduce and begin marketing the RocketNews Alert, a revolutionary desktop application that will provide real time news alerts (currently in Beta testing), with access to our premium content and co-market with our popular Desktop Comprehensive Research Tool.

Looking to the Future

While we are excited with our progress to date, I intend to keep the company focused on several key opportunities ahead.

First, Rocketinfo will focus on building broader exposure to the Company's products with the goal of generating a significant increase in users of our core products. Today's world is moving from mass media to "my media," a world in which the user is the programmer. Rocketinfo aspires to be an essential, everyday part of our clients' lives. To achieve this, we know that we must deliver what users want -- when they want, how they want, and where they want. The future of Rocketinfo is the powerful integration of our three pillars: search, content and personalization. By providing these tools to the marketplace we will be able to deliver enhanced value to both our clients and Rocketinfo.

Second, Rocket will seek to expand the reach of our products through an increased array of delivery mechanisms. The continued convergence of broadband and wireless presents a big opportunity for Rocketinfo. We believe that in a connected world users expect their Internet experience to be seamlessly integrated across all devices, and their news content to be accessible, personalized and timely. Rocketinfo is in an excellent position to enrich our users' experience across all platforms and devices. In 2005, Rocketinfo will be even more aggressive in helping users "mobilize" their RocketNews experience.

Third, our goal is to further expand our advertising and marketing services by providing the most engaged and valuable audiences and the most targeted and contextual suite of marketing solutions. We recently began our marketing offerings and expect great success in 2005. Blue chip marketers are now shifting larger percentages of their advertising budgets online as they recognize that they must reach their audiences in their preferred environments. Rocketinfo is investing for its future in tools, formats, measurement capabilities and data to help define the next phase of online advertising for companies.

About Rocketinfo

Rocketinfo ( provides a superb combination of an extensive business news database, next-generation search technologies, unique and proprietary approaches to the extraction of valuable business information, and a complete range of delivery tools (including RSS). Rocketinfo provides embedded search tools and services to third-party search engines, portals and software vendors for use in applications ranging from customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI) and financial services. The company also operates the RocketNews search engine (, and the Rocket RSS Reader (

This shareholders' letter may contain forward-looking statements including the Company's beliefs about its business prospects and future results of operations. These statements involve risks and uncertainties. Among the important additional factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those forward-looking statements are risks associated with the overall economic environment, realization of customer contracts, strength of the Company's pending intellectual property, changes in anticipated earnings of the Company and other factors detailed in the Company's filings with the SEC. In addition, factors underlying Company forecasts are dynamic and subject to change. Therefore those forecasts speak only as of the date they are given. The Company does not undertake to update them; however, it may choose from time to time to update them and if it should do so, it will disseminate the updates to the investing public. A list of potential risk factors that may affect the Company's prospects may be found in the Company's most recent 10K filing dated 14 April 2005. These risk factors should be read in conjunction with this release.
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