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Rocket Mobile for MultiValue Now Available.

ROCKET SOFTWARE has introduced Rocket Mobile for MultiValue, an enterprise mobile application development and deployment platform for customers who rely on Rocket MultiValue systems.

"We have found that many smaller scale MultiValue shops struggle moving forward in joining the mobile force. Mobile now accounts for 50% of websites consumed on the internet. People expect to find a mobile presence for the companies they do business with," said Herman Rensink, director of the Rocket Mobile Lab at Rocket Software. Rocket Mobile allows organizations to create "hybrid apps," which is web technology wrapped in a real app. This allows it to run offline with the benefits of the native and web apps.

A feature that makes Rocket Mobile for MultiValue stand out is its ability to connect directly to a database's back end. This allows businesses to build on the systems that they already have, thus preserving the investment in their systems. Some of the other features are simple drag-and-drop development, RESTful services, application and identity management, and analytics to monitor user behavior and application performance.

Rocket Mobile for MultiValue is compatible with all major mobile operating systems, including iOS (minimum version 4.0), Android (minimum version 4.0), and Windows. Rocket Mobile for MultiValue works with Rocket UniVerse 11.1 and above, and with Rocket UniData 7.3 and above. In addition, it works with Rocket D3 DBMS AIX 9.1.1, Rocket D3 DBMS Linux 9.2.0 with the M9 patch, Rocket D3 Windows 9.2.2, and Rocket MVS Toolkit 2.1.0.

At Rocket's recent MVU conference, there was considerable customer interest in the product. "The fact that they can now extend their investment in MultiValue technology in this new platform has created a lot of excitement," noted Laura Pettett, product manager with Rocket Software. To demonstrate Rocket's new mobile application development and deployment platform to attendees, the MVU app that was used for the conference was created using Rocket Mobile. "It was well-received and is a testament to our own technology," stated Rensink.

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Publication:Database Trends & Applications
Date:Dec 1, 2015
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