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Rock solid.

We've already declared Ansel Elgort. 20, this year's dystopian dream boy. We re just not sure the Divergent star fully comprehends what comes along with that.

According to Ansel Elgort. his character Caleb Prior in the upcoming' Divergent flick wants to change the world. And we hope Ansel is ready for his own world's changes when the much-anticipated sci-fi film hits screens on March 31.

"I'm just gonna wear a hood and walk down the street." he laughs when asked about his instant fame while hanging with us on Divergent's Chicago set.

Not that he's anti-fans: Ansel actually hit up his Twitter followers to ask what they thought of his character, who abandons his selfless fam for the intelligent Erudite faction (one of five groups a futuristic Chicago is divided into).

"I pretty much agreed with what everyone had to say. It's a privilege to have a fan base who cares," he says. "And it's a good challenge that people have an opinion about it."

What does he think of his co-star Shailene Woodley, who Ansel stars with in both Divergent (she plays Caleb's younger sis Tris) and this summer's The Fault In Our Stars?

"She's a health expert to the point where she only buys food from farmers markets and supports local farmers and stuff. She's brilliant with that whole thing."

The buds bonded over activities like rock climbing. "I'm obsessed." Ansel says, admitting you can regularly find him in his hometown NYC hot spot Brooklyn Boulders.

What else is Ansel obsessed with? Painting figurines and mixing electronic dance music, which he posts online under the alias Ansolo. "You have to fill those months off [between filming movies] but also stay artistic." he says of his hobbies. With so much attention coming his way. we suspect Ansolo's work is about to get some major play.

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