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PTDC plans rock climbing, paragliding to mark tourism day. Sep 27, 2021 186
PTDC plans rock climbing, paragliding to mark tourism day. Sep 27, 2021 299
Effects of Two vs. Four Weekly Campus Board Training Sessions on Bouldering Performance and Climbing-Specific Tests in Advanced and Elite Climbers. Stien, Nicolay; Pedersen, Helene; Vereide, Vegard A.; Saeterbakken, Atle H.; Hermans, Espen; Kalland Report Aug 6, 2021 7824
KP's Zaheer Ahmed wins National Rock Climbing Championship. Nov 19, 2020 181
Basic Rock Climbing training will start from Sept 26. Sep 23, 2020 212
Sport with the view -- Rock Climbing! / Andrey Neofydov. CM Guest Columnist Jul 30, 2020 154
Sick claim by boxing coach who attacked ex; thug said injuries were caused when former partner was rock climbing. ANDREW BARDSLEY May 19, 2020 484
Gran, 71, on lockdown practices rock climbing in comfort of her own home; Inspirational Judith Plowman has been rigging ropes in her attic because she's confined to home and can't do the real thing in the great outdoors. By, Laura Withers May 9, 2020 320
Rock climbing activity organized to mark 'World Tourism Day'. Sep 28, 2019 206
Shauna Coxsey aiming high as rock climbing makes its Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020; Three-discipline climbing is among the new sports for 2020 Olympics and Britain's Coxsey is fancied for gold. Jul 26, 2019 491
Rock climbing center gets Knighthead boost. Apr 3, 2019 263
Motivation and Goal Orientation in Rock Climbers. Gonzalez, Gina B. Author abstract Mar 1, 2019 5334
Swat youth evince keen interest in rock climbing. Dec 4, 2018 487
ON THE ROCKS. Kaplan, Melanie D.G. Sep 22, 2018 3180
Advanced Rock Climbing. Gaines, Bob Book review Jul 1, 2018 140
British man dies in rock climbing accident after plunging from height while on holiday in Malaysia; The Brit, named locally as Nigel Bevan, fell while exploring a popular climbing route in Mulu National Park in Sarawak. Mar 29, 2018 346
Saudi woman takes rock climbing to new heights. Mar 16, 2018 623
Lead Climb Induces Higher Heart Rate Responses Compared to the Top Rope in Intermediate and Advanced Climbers. Zarattini, Josiane A.; Santos, Daisy Motta; Abreu, Edgardo A.C.; Costa, Herikson A.; Carvalho, Guilh Report Feb 1, 2018 4254
Middle East's first rock climbing Psicobloc event held in Oman. Dec 11, 2017 306
Body Image in Rock Climbers: A Qualitative Study. Reeves, Charissa E.; Boyd, Erin E.; Roul, Delaina; McGowan, Erin; Cameron, Erin Report Dec 1, 2017 6404
Mountain festival starts with youth rock climbing activity. Nov 26, 2017 265
The practice of sport climbing contributes to the improvement of autonomic modulation in young individuals. Gomez, Catalina G; Rodriguez, Diego AS; Carvalho, Wellington RG; Mostarda, Cristiano T; Gambassi, Br Report Apr 1, 2017 2896
Fumarole. Johnson, Kimberly Poem Mar 22, 2017 163
Pakistan Mountain Festival begins with wall, rock climbing competitions. Dec 7, 2015 478
Youth show skills for wall, rock climbing on PMF kick off. Dec 7, 2015 511
Effect of two types of active recovery on fatigue and climbing performance. Valenzuela, Pedro L.; de la Villa, Pedro; Ferragut, Carmen Report Dec 1, 2015 5869
Mum divides Facebook after posting clip of 19-month-old daughter rock climbing without safety harness; The child is seen freeclimbing up a 15ft wall - but not everyone is convinced at how safe the exercise is. Jun 23, 2015 339
Rock climbing courses conclude at Margallah hills. May 18, 2015 266
Workload characteristic, performance limiting factors and methods for strength and endurance training in rock climbing. Michailov, Michail Lubomirov Sep 1, 2014 5999
The characteristic body posture of people practicing rock climbing. Kielt, Magdalena; Krol, Anita; Szczygiel, Andrzej; Bilski, Jan Report Jun 1, 2014 3681
Rock climbing sessions will be offered to families. Mar 4, 2014 124
Governor's office of Chui region plans to construct rock climbing center in Alamedin district. Feb 11, 2014 127
Hailing from FATA Nazia to compete in International Rock Climbing contest in Singapore. Jan 10, 2014 1080
The relationship between climbing ability and physiological responses to rock climbing. Balas, Jirl; Panackova, Michaela; Strejcova, Barbora; Martin, Andrew J.; Cochrane, Darryl J.; Kalab, Report Jan 1, 2014 4536
Injuries and medical incidences during the IFSC 2012 climbing World Cup series. Schoffl, Volker; Burtscher, Eugen; Coscia, Francesco Report Dec 1, 2013 2271
Traumatic peroneal tendon disclocations in rock climbers "the climbers pulley lesion of the foot" - a case presentation. Heid, Andreas; Popp, Dominik; Schoffl, Volker Case study Dec 1, 2013 2610
Rock of ages: facing your fears, one climb at a time. Block, Jenny Sep 1, 2013 1538
What to do when. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 108
Test your rock climbing skills! Jun 21, 2013 355
A show of rock climbing skills. Jun 20, 2013 112
Olmsted people mum on rock climbing. Jun 11, 2013 263
Rock climbing; the ultimate guide. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 143
Vertical fun: rock climbing in Sinai. Nov 8, 2012 2515
Tourism department in Kashmir organises rock climbing training for girls. Nov 1, 2012 395
5REASONS TO.. try indoor/outdoor rock climbing; health focus. Jul 12, 2012 212
5 REASONS TO.. try indoor/outdoor rock climbing. Jul 12, 2012 209
5REASONS TO.. try indoor/outdoor rock climbing. Jul 12, 2012 212
Adventure Club attains top slots in Rock Climbing Competition. Mar 11, 2012 276
Facing the cliffs: elite rock climbers discuss the geology of their favorite climbing sites. Hamalainen, Karina Jan 2, 2012 1735
Background Radiation. Aranda, Sara Poem Sep 1, 2011 181
Scouts put skills to the test Boys aid man who fell while rock climbing. Aug 18, 2011 578
Headwall. Williams, Norman (American poet) Poem Apr 1, 2011 132
Destination News - Europe. Nov 29, 2010 601
The completion of Fuheis Rock Climbing Competition 2010. Jul 19, 2010 160
Mi Casa, Su Casa. Conference news Jul 1, 2010 2172
Rock climbing Washington, 2d ed. Book review May 1, 2010 155
Rock climbing Smith Rock State Park; a comprehensive guide to more than 1,800 routes, 2d ed. Brief article May 1, 2010 179
Fresh starts. Tamon, Katie Editorial Jan 1, 2010 401
Pakistan rock climbing competition won by multi adventure club and city school. Dec 11, 2009 497
Tributes are paid to victim of tragic accident; Talented star Ross dies while rock climbing. Sep 4, 2009 597
A rock climbing camp at Uttarakhand. Jan 16, 2009 333
Effect of an on-sight lead on the physiological and psychological responses to rock climbing. Draper, Nick; Jones, Glenys A.; Fryer, Simon; Hodgson, Chris; Blackwell, Gavin Report Dec 1, 2008 5319
Hand injuries in rock climbers. Kubiak, Erik N.; Klugman, Jeffrey A.; Bosco, Joseph A., III Dec 22, 2006 3576
Climbing the walls. May 8, 2006 160
Indiana accountant climbs to the top. Barnett, Susan Nov 1, 2004 746
The steep and rocky road: steps to successful rock climbing. Roberts, Chuck Jul 1, 2004 1074
Get a grip! Junior climbing champ Scott Cory built his iron grip clinging to rock walls. Find out why certain kinds of rock make his favorite climbing spots so challenging. Tucker, Libby Jan 12, 2004 1472
Rock climbing, jeep-style. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 301
Cliff-hanger: a noodle-armed novice learns to love rock climbing. Schoech, Samantha Oct 1, 2003 1175
Rock climbing ... during 101 critical days of summer. Hancock, Burrell E. Sep 1, 2003 741
Dancing in the air. (Window On the West). Manley, Harriot Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 125
Rock climbing cuts mollusk diversity. (At a Snail's Place). Morgan, K. Apr 12, 2003 427
Climbing safety: Check, double-check-2-3. Rodriguez, Daniel M. Brief Article May 1, 2002 509
The impact of motivational imagery on the emotional state and self-efficacy levels of novice climbers. Jones, Marc V.; Bray, Steven R.; Mace, Roger D.; MacRae, Alexander W.; Stockbridge, Claire Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 6882
Lightening the Load Giving the Sniffer Dogs Some Needed Help. Baker, A. Duffy Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 314
THESE KIDS ROCK : Come along with these high-climbers as they learn the ropes! Churchman, Deborah Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 614
Sheer Excellence. DICONSIGLIO, JOHN Brief Article May 8, 2000 494
ROCKY MOUNTAIN WORD SCRAMBLE. Cameron, Layne Dec 1, 1999 93
Game Tracker Recalls Harness System. Dec 1, 1999 151
Reducing rock climbing risks. Attarian, Aram Sep 1, 1998 1459
Psychological profile of rock climbers: state and trait attributes. Feher, Paola; Meyers, Michael C.; Skelly, William A. Jun 1, 1998 3892
In the shelter of the rock. Brando, Aldo; Meza, Barbara Cover Story Jul 1, 1997 447
Effects of rock climbing on cliff goldenrod (Solidago sciaphila Steele) in northwest Illinois. Nuzzo, Victoria A. Apr 1, 1995 5078
Canyon rumblings. King, Jonathan F. Nov 1, 1994 499
Delay of climbing rules puts resources at risk. Nov 1, 1994 429
Wall crawlers: like ballet on the rocks, climbing is a feat of physical finesse. Clayton, Victoria Sep 1, 1993 856
National parks grapple with rock climbing. McCarty, Laura P. Sep 1, 1993 284
Rock scrambling and raptor-watching. Finnegan, Lora J. Jan 1, 1992 448
Because it's there? Gockley, Catherin May 1, 1990 2052
If that looks like fun ... here is where and how to get started with rock climbing. directory May 1, 1989 877
To the top of Half Dome. Don't laugh. Fifty people do it every summer day. Sep 1, 1984 581

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