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Rock Ape did as recommended; Views of the North.

I WAS a Rock Ape, and by that I mean I served in the RAF Regiment.

I was trained to do what your un-named ex-RAF officer suggests I do (Views of the North, February 25) and did, not in Afghanistan that wasn''t around then, in those days we only had to worry about the IRA and the Warsaw Pact.

As for his claims that I was kicking the man and not the ball, well that''s fair game, isn't it, as Duncan Smith, Cameron and Osborne all engage in kicking the man, with their comments on scroungers, the feckless and the workshy (their words not mine). And what of the retired officers comments on me, wasn't he a being a bit hypocritical? As everyone knows, Mr Editor, every time I show up the Tory Party for what they really are, they try to have you ban me from the letters page.

Once again, they are running scared as they know that Duncan Smith has gone too far with his elitism.

It was a common saying from the RAF NCOs to those of us who were not of sufficient rank to be included amongst them (and I apologise for the use of the correct saying): "I'm no poncy officer, I work for a living!" Lastly, I am grateful that I was not educated at Eton or the Oxbridge universities as I'd hate to have to retract my head from my nether regions to see the world from a normal prospective.

I think the gist of your correspondent's letter is that I should know my place, tug my forelock and let the nasty party turn us all into plebs, whilst destroying the country.

Message received and understood, wing commander. I suppose the only thing I can add to that is Tally Ho!

JOHN W GRAY, Oxclose, Washington
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Feb 26, 2013
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