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Robust and reliable Variable Area Flowmeters.

A range of robust Variable Area Flowmeters are now available from Filton Process Control, providing a reliable and cost-effective means of flow measurement for most process gases and liquids. The initial range provides models having a variety of instrument lengths, process materials and connections to meet most process needs.

In addition to the published "air and water" ranges, calibrated scales for other duties at specific process conditions can also be produced. Standard features include flow elements which are frictionless so head loss is kept to a minimum and they are designed for easy in-situ tube removal.

The Series 630 and 1000 provide a range of compact meters designed for purge meter applications where space is at a premium. Flow measurements down to 2-20cc/min of Air or 5-50 cc/minute of water are available as standard. The Series 1200 is available in varying lengths providing increased scale discrimination with tube length and higher capacities. As standard the instruments are designed for front or rear of panel mounting. Integral valves are also available


The Series 1750 is a compact meter designed for higher flow range requirements where space is restricted. In addition the unit can be supplied with latching alarms. The Series 3000 is an ideal flowmeter for use as a calibration master, or where high accuracy with an excellent resolution scale is a requirement. Air flow ranges as low as 5-50 cc/min or as high as 300-3000 litres/minute with equivalent water ranges.

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Date:Feb 1, 2010
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