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[C.sup.2]-Continuous Orientation Planning for Robot End-Effector with B-Spline Curve Based on Logarithmic Quaternion. Pu, Yasong; Shi, Yaoyao; Lin, Xiaojun; Hu, Yuan; Li, Zhishan Report Aug 31, 2020 8638
2018 Was Big Year for Robot Employment. Feb 28, 2019 527
Robots Become More Collaborative, Intuitive and Capable. Nov 28, 2018 1664
Epson Robots Adds to Its SCARA Portfolio. Neil, Stephanie Oct 17, 2018 558
ESS Technologies, Antares Vision Show Serialized Case Packing System. Oct 14, 2018 265
Robot Nation: Investigating the True Worth of Mechanical Workers: Robots have proven their worth to manufacturers--and could be equally valuable to tax collectors. Toensmeier, Pat May 1, 2018 1641
China Races to Automate While Learning to Innovate. Headrick, Dan; Gobble, Mary Anne M. May 1, 2018 1246
Manufacturer builds in-house robotics expertise to close the skills gap: Collaborative robots tackle mundane work so existing staff can add more value. Bond, Josh Editorial Mar 1, 2018 398
Collaborative robots double production in limited floor space: Cobots and grippers work with existing human staff to boost volume and quality for precision manufacturer. Bond, Josh Editorial Jan 1, 2018 398
Development of 2-DOF Adaptive Mechatronic Device with corrective adjustment of laser tracker reflector for Industrial Robot Calibration. Kosterev, Dmitrii; Vorotnikov, Andrei; Nedelchev, Simeon; Romash, Elena; Poduraev, Yuri Report Jan 1, 2018 2497
Framework to Implement Collaborative Robots In Manual Assembly: A Lean Automation Approach. Malik, Ali A.; Bilberg, Arne Report Jan 1, 2018 4303
Functional Safety Concept for a Handling Robot Built on Optical Systems. Radinger, Thomas; Stuja, Kemajl; Wolfel, Walter; Markl, Erich Report Jan 1, 2018 1946
Collaborative Work Between Human And Industrial Robot In manufacturing By Advanced Safety Monitoring System. Kuts, Vladimir; Sarkans, Martins; Otto, Tauno; Tahemaa, Toivo Report Jan 1, 2018 2613
Dual grippers nearly double robotic output: Manufacturer cuts cycle time by 12 seconds with robotic CNC tenders that can work overnight. Bond, Josh Editorial Dec 1, 2017 360
Robots report: Competition or co-workers? Latest robots projected to revolutionize plastic processing. Laird, Karen Editorial Jan 1, 2017 3198
Inverse dynamic analysis of hobby robot uArm by Matlab/Simulink. Damic, Vjekoslav; Cohodar, Maida; Tvrtkovic, Marko Report Jan 1, 2017 2210
Uncertainty estimation of axes direction determination of industrial robot using an ellipsoid concentration model. Vorotnikov, Andrei; Romash, Elena; Isaev, Alexander; Bashevskaya, Olga; Bianchi, Giacomo; Poduraev, Report Jan 1, 2017 3473
A Method of Energy-Optimal Trajectory Planning for Palletizing Robot. Liu, Yanjie; Liang, Le; Han, Haijun; Zhang, Shijie Report Jan 1, 2017 4956
Neural Learning Control of Flexible Joint Manipulator with Predefined Tracking Performance and Application to Baxter Robot. Wang, Min; Ye, Huiping; Chen, Zhiguang Report Jan 1, 2017 10370
Do the robot. O'Rourke, Morgan Sep 1, 2016 346
Age of the man-machine collaboration: ergonomics for facilities using industrial automation and robotics has a vital role to play, as European Automation's head of order fulfilment. Holloway, Robert Jul 1, 2016 1080
Doing the dirty work: young people in China don't want factory jobs. So robots do the work instead. Rein, Shawn May 1, 2016 428
The people's robots: can China reboot its manufacturing industry--and the global economy--by replacing millions of workers with machines? Knight, Will May 1, 2016 2799
Mobile robot colleagues on wheels: collaborative robots increase productivity and worker safety for high-mix, low-volume manufacturer. Bond, Josh Jan 1, 2016 372
3D printing a bridge with autonomous robots. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 188
How to live happily with robots. Sachs, Jeffrey Jun 22, 2015 2220
Work buddies. Brown, Alan S. Jun 1, 2015 2789
HIL simulator of drives of an industrial robot with 6 DOF. Fedak, Viliam; Durovsky, Frantisek; Uveges, Robert; Kyslan, Karol; Lacko, Milan Report Apr 1, 2015 2757
Geometrical approach for industrial robot axis calibration using laser tracker. Vorotnikov, Andrei; Bashevskaya, Olga; Ilyukhin, Yury; Romash, Elena; A.V., Isaev; Poduraev, Yuriy V Report Jan 1, 2015 4276
How human-robot teamwork will upend manufacturing: robots are starting to collaborate with human workers in factories, offering greater efficiency and flexibility. Knight, Will Nov 1, 2014 801
Korea Ups Its Robots Game. Brief article Sep 15, 2014 248
Anticipating a Luddite revival. Elliott, Stuart W. Mar 22, 2014 5250
By the numbers: industrial robots stall; service sector grows. Brown, Alan S. Statistical data Jan 1, 2014 655
Developing an efficient calibration system for joint offset of industrial robots. Gao, Bingtuan; Liu, Yong; Xi, Ning; Shen, Yantao Report Jan 1, 2014 5492
Hi, I'm a robot and I'm here to take your job. Frey, Thomas Aug 30, 2013 1496
Robots at work: toward a smarter factory: many fear that a robotic takeover of manufacturing jobs will keep humans out of work. But one inventor shows how tomorrow's manufacturing robots will be smaller, smarter, and co-worker friendly--and they'll let manufacturers stop chasing around the world for low-wage workers. Brooks, Rodney May 1, 2013 1929
Coordination of robots with overlapping workspaces based on motion co-evolution. Curkovic, P.; Jerbic, B.; Stipancic, T. Report Mar 1, 2013 4950
Real-time 3D hand gestures recognition for manipulation of industrial robots. Cerlinca, T.; Pentiuc, S.G.; Vlad, V. Report Feb 1, 2013 4049
Strategic control level for industrial robotic contact tasks. Seslija, D. Report Jan 1, 2013 6111
Research on machining prototypes using an industrial robot/Prototipu mechaninio apdirbimo pramoniniu robotu tyrimai. Smilgin, Valdemar; Strimaitis, Mantas; Jurevicius, Mindaugas Report Dec 1, 2012 1710
Robot growth slowing after a banner 2011. Oct 1, 2012 378
Robotic brooms. Thilmany, Jean Oct 1, 2012 583
North American robotics industry posts best quarter ever. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 151
Hon Hai budgets NT$450 B. to develop robots for China subsidiary. Shen, Ben Brief article Aug 19, 2011 182
Development and modeling of robotic manufacturing cell for experimental purposes. Ivan, Andrei--Mario; Nicolescu, Adrian Florin; Dobrescu, Tiberiu Gabriel; Strajescu, Eugen Radu Report Jan 1, 2011 1584
Structural and functional optimization of industrial robot's NC axes. Avram, Georgia-Cezara; Nicolescu, Adrian Florin; Strajescu, Eugen Radu; Petre, Marian Report Jan 1, 2011 1195
Robots show signs of a world-wide rebound. Brown, Alan S. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 291
Optimal location of an industrial robot used in forge applications. Ciupitu, Liviu; Ivanescu, Andrei Nick Report Jan 1, 2010 1914
Robotized underbody production line for automative industry. Tuekel, Dilek Bilgin; Talu, Tansel Report Jan 1, 2010 1664
Software platform for virtual laboratory operation by remote control of industrial robots. Popa, Stelian; Briceag, Claudia Violeta; Nicolescu, Adrian Florin; Dorin, Alexandru Report Jan 1, 2010 1315
Squirrels make it look so easy. Milo, Paul Editorial Aug 1, 2009 570
From simple rules, complex behavior: by layering simple behaviors, engineers are creating autonomous robots that can interact with the world around them. Brown, Alan S. Cover story Jul 1, 2009 2678
Record tunnel nears completion: excavator cut costs to put the A3 underground in Surrey in the longest road tunnel in UK. Mar 11, 2009 410
Simulation of industrial robots for laser welding of load bearing construction/Pramoniniu robotu, skirtu apkraunamu konstrukciju lazeriniam suvirinimui modeliavimas. Karabegovic, I.; Hrnjica, B. Report Mar 1, 2009 2237
Developing a brain-computer-based human-robot interaction for industrial environments. Duguleana, Mihai Report Jan 1, 2009 1350
An optical method for the robot's performances testing. Vacarescu, Valeria; Vacarescu, Cella-Flavia; Argesanu, Veronica; Draghici, Anca Report Jan 1, 2009 1187
Agricultural robots: individual plant recognition. Tilneac, Mihaela; Dolga, Valer Report Jan 1, 2009 1467
Modelling and simulation of robot system using Matlab and Simulink. Damic, Vjekoslav; Cohodar, Maida; Kulenovic, Malik Report Jan 1, 2009 1196
Analysis and synthesis of the position controll system of the industrial robot that contains the extended Gopinath observer. Egri, Angela; Pana, Teodor; Stoicuta, Olimpiu; Sirb, Vali; Stoicuta, Nadia Report Jan 1, 2009 915
Toward a smarter bot. Thilmany, Jean Jul 1, 2008 343
Robots get practice at nuclear clean-up: Dounreay team tries out machines designed to recover radioactive particles from seabed--with limited success. Apr 23, 2008 394
Force control machining cuts manufacturing costs: improved automated grinding and deburring of castings. Oct 1, 2007 963
Tabletop cleanroom robot. Blanco, Alice Brief article Jul 1, 2007 116
Robots for job shops. Brown, Alan S. May 1, 2007 454
First in a fire. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Mar 1, 2007 267
Robot plays pickup with four arms. Brown, Alan S. Mar 1, 2007 397
The robot that knew just enough. Winters, Jeffrey Jan 1, 2007 349
Optimal location of robot base with respect to the application positions. Liviu, Ciupitu; Ion, Simionescu Report Jan 1, 2007 2082
Dynamic modelling and simulation of robotic manipulator. Maida, Cohodar; Malik, Kulenovic; Avdo, Voloder Report Jan 1, 2007 1298
Calibrating procedure by teach-in robotised flexible manufacturing system. Radulescu, Corneliu; Varga, Stefan; Grigorescu, Sanda Technical report Jan 1, 2007 2004
Kinematics modelling of the 3-R[]R planar parallel robot. Staicu, Stefan; Carp-Ciocardia, Daniela Craita; Codoban, Alexandru Report Jan 1, 2007 1243
The optimum kinematic design of a 6 DOF micro parallel robot. Stan, Sergiu; Maties, Vistrian; Balan, Radu; Hancu, Olimpiu Report Jan 1, 2007 1590
Workspace analysis and design of a 3-DOF micro parallel robot. Stan, Sergiu; Maties, Vistrian; Balan, Radu; Lapusan, Ciprian Report Jan 1, 2007 869
The robotics net interconnection concept. Stopper, Markus Report Jan 1, 2007 1876
Wireless EOAT recognition. Blanco, Alice Brief article Jan 1, 2007 206
RTS achieves the ultimate challenge. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 294
Rise of the robots. Brown, Alan S. Sep 1, 2006 419
Robots next to humans. Brown, Alan S. Sep 1, 2006 371
Palletising robot. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 111
3D robotic water cutting. Brief article May 1, 2006 111
New compact robot. Brief article Apr 1, 2006 132
Automation: multiaxis articulated robots offer maximum versatility. Stewart, Richard Cover Story Jan 1, 2006 3307
Eyes on the line: vision-enabled robots are helping factories to keep the production lines rolling, even when the parts are out of place. Ehrenman, Gayle Aug 1, 2005 1949
A new generation of working stiffs: robots can save factories, jobs; derail off-shoring. Modic, Stan Jun 1, 2005 788
New Demaurex robots for flexible combinations and integration. Brief Article May 1, 2005 181
True off-line programming based on second generation virtual robot technology. Divic, A.; Kohlmaier, M.; Krappinger, R.; Stopper, M.; Stuja, K. Report Jan 1, 2005 1454
The servo robustification of the industrial robot. Hopen, J.M.; Hosovsky, A. Report Jan 1, 2005 1178
Digital manufacturing for industrial robotic workcells. Kittl, D.; Stopper, M. Report Jan 1, 2005 1573
Assisted research of the industrial robot Fourier spectrum with LabVIEW instrumentation. Olaru, A.; Olaru, S. Report Jan 1, 2005 1262
Equipment: new orders jump for robotics. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 229
Low-cost machining robot launched at Euromold. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 316
Materials handling leads robot revival. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 133
Robots tend to their machines: they do it longer and better. Lorincz, Jim Sep 1, 2003 1268
Flexible finishing made simple(r). (Equipment & Applications). Vasilash, Gary S. Jul 1, 2003 1311
Robotic surgery promising for atrial fibrillation: success rate near 85% in 150+ patients. (Cardiovascular Medicine). Mahoney, Diana Apr 1, 2003 560
A dual-carriage robot and a bottle production system. (Plastics Machinery/Processing). Blanco, Alice Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 261
Repeatable cleaning with fast robotic work transporter. (Workshop). Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 238
Side-entry Robots are quick & compact. (Keeping up with Injection Molding). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 120
Fanuc, Yamaha unit tie up in field of finish-machining robots. Brief Article Dec 16, 2002 155
Helping hands: a robot's touch may have the power to restore lost motor skills. Dec 1, 2002 616
How to keep robots up and running. (New & notable: motion control). Sep 1, 2002 641
Unique system from CSi. (Plant & Equipment). CSi in Raamsdonksveer, the Netherlands Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 255
Smarter robots: sending machines to do hazardous work is one rationale, but current considerations put robots in applications where superhuman accuracy and speed is the goal. (Automation & Robotics). Poliski, Iris Apr 1, 2002 1370
Engineering a New Vision of Tomorrow: Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows, founders of The Venus Project in Florida, envision a cybernated city of the future. (Visions). Fresco, Jacque; Meadows, Roxanne Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 614
Got' bots? If you don't have them yet, you'll probably get them soon. (Robotics). McKenna, Joseph F. Jun 1, 2001 911
RIA report shows 'bots mean big bucks. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 302
2001: The Real Odyssey. Castelluccio, Michael Industry Overview Jan 1, 2001 1452
New robot has a mind of its own. Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 146
KUKA Robots for Food Use. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 175
Mini Camera Rides On Robot's Back. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 115
Robot Can Lift 400kg. Brief Article May 1, 2000 162
On the move with the EDM. Nov 1, 1998 873
Eight steps to safe robots. Calomino, Joseph Nov 1, 1998 737
'Piggy-back' robot handles two-color parts. Ogando, Joseph Jul 1, 1998 601
Inspection cells help to drive up quality. Nov 1, 1997 522
What to look for in today's robots. Ogando, Joseph Oct 1, 1997 1008
AGVs provide manufacturing flexibility at Chesebrough-Pond. Feb 1, 1997 388
Manufacturing: Chrysler Corp. stamping facility, Belvidere, Ill. Feb 1, 1997 495
TOMORROW IN BRIEF. Sep 1, 1996 1391
Welding's new world sparked by innovation. Jennings, Craig S.; Schnee, Mark Jun 1, 1996 997
Arc welding robot breaks bottleneck. Jun 1, 1996 643
Robot loads bundles. Rosenberg, Jim May 25, 1996 838
Where are all the woodworking robots? Chistianson, Rich Editorial Apr 1, 1996 548
All day & all of the night: production never sleeps in this Japanese "lights-out" factory. Christianson, Rich Apr 1, 1996 1666
Robot sets a hot pace in motorcycle business. Mar 1, 1996 507
Robot on board at TOYODA/TRW. Dec 1, 1995 534
Robots serve up new directions. Jones, Katina Z. Cover Story Apr 1, 1995 935
Robots do the dirty work. Apr 1, 1995 937
Robots: clearing up confusion about servo drives. De Gaspari, John Oct 1, 1994 1837
Robots. Directory Jul 15, 1994 5227
ROSEE cleans up after the Cold War. Valenti, Michael Jul 1, 1994 1295
Robots reach into final assembly: engineers at one auto assembly plant have discovered a fresh solution to a tedious and labor intensive job. Apr 1, 1994 367
Innovation spurs Swedish metalworkers. Mar 1, 1994 1454
Software passes the torch to robots. Puttre, Michael Feb 1, 1994 1831
Flexibility, control are welding watchwords. Destefani, James D. Oct 1, 1993 1540
What every molder should know about robot safety & maintenance. Rodrigues, James Oct 1, 1993 1895
Welding robot is good follower. Aug 1, 1993 306
Getting the bugs worked out. Bay, John May 1, 1993 521
How do your palletizers stack up? Sperber, Bob Apr 1, 1993 2036
Parts-removal robots. De Gaspari, John Oct 1, 1992 1762
Cuts complex 3-D shapes. Oct 1, 1992 994
The promise of robots. Stovicek, Donald R. Sep 1, 1992 2166
Robots: product lines reviewed. Buyers Guide Jul 15, 1992 5158
Flexible welder used for GM's Opel Astra in Europe. O'Connor, Leo Jun 1, 1992 481
Robot deburring. Mar 1, 1992 994
Finding flexibility in automated assembly. Lorincz, James A. Dec 1, 1991 1749
Carbide inserts cut bright future for Iscar. Nov 1, 1991 830
Taking the inside track. Nov 1, 1991 760
Artificial intelligence continues to blossom. Miller, Paul C. Sep 1, 1991 1837
Newstrack. column May 1, 1991 1028
Robots invade test labs. Monks, Richard May 1, 1991 896
Turret robot turns left or right. Fallon, Michael Apr 1, 1991 268
Welding in the '90s. Huber, Richard A. Mar 1, 1991 1189
Robots automate body-panel fabrication. Zimmer, Ernst; Schmid, Markus Dec 1, 1990 884
Is anyone watching the robots? Keough, Howard R. column Nov 1, 1990 1110
Robotics: a future view of workplace safety. Pearson, George W. Oct 1, 1990 1539
New robots and vision systems emphasize ease of use. Fallon, Michael Aug 1, 1990 1069
Visionary arms: the less a robot knows at first, the better it may fare in uncertain settings. Amato, Ivan Jul 28, 1990 1835
Parts handling equipment: robots: product lines reviewed. Jul 15, 1990 3542
Mechatronics for robots. Derby, Stephen Jul 1, 1990 1516
Raj Reddy: Shaping the next generation of robots. Goldstein, Gina Interview Jun 1, 1990 3387
Modeling a robot's tools. Cattani, Luis; Eagle, Paul J. Jun 1, 1990 1104
Robots: the once and future technology. Krepchin, Ira P. May 1, 1990 2442
Positioners are key to adaptive welding cells. Apr 1, 1990 897
Final packaging and handling: palletization by robots. Mathews, Alois; Gauthier, Darrell Mar 1, 1990 1365
New parts-removal robots feature speed, reliability and programmability. Feb 1, 1990 627
"Palletizing is no longer the back end of our business." (Polaroid goes on-line, Part 2) Auguston, Karen A. Nov 1, 1989 1319
Choosing robot grippers for cylindrical parts. Micallef, Ron Oct 1, 1989 1598
Fast gantry robot stacks bumpers. product announcement Jul 1, 1989 1353
Robots take the tedium out of packaging. Apr 1, 1989 498
ConAgra to use robots in slaughterhouses. Ruben, George Apr 1, 1989 107
Robots staging a comeback. Niebruegge, Douglas column Mar 1, 1989 503
The finishing touch: robots may lend a hand in the making of Steinway pianos. Amato, Ivan Feb 18, 1989 1074
Robots pay off in less than 2 years. Krepchin, Ira P. Feb 1, 1989 987
Stepping into danger. Peterson, Ivars Jul 12, 1986 2713
The process-control robot - new tool for flexible manufacturing. Genest, David H. Dec 1, 1985 2471
Cutting-tool productivity ... essential for survival. Briggs, George O. Sep 1, 1985 1708
Artificial intelligence the future of the computer. Winston, Patrick H. Sep 1, 1985 3516
Three new packages announced for robot off-line programming. Sep 1, 1985 1372
Adopt a robot - it may save your company. May 1, 1985 1226
Improve your odds for upgrading welding operations. Apr 1, 1985 4000
Robot rendezvous. Mar 1, 1985 828
US robotmakers say '84 was a very good year, or was it? Mar 1, 1985 949
High-deposition welding with vision. Young, Robert N. Mar 1, 1985 925
Software-based program development for programmable controllers. Mar 1, 1985 590
Robot logic: slower line speed, higher output. Mar 1, 1985 1835
Robots 14 in Sweden. Keebler, Jim Jan 1, 1985 725
Simulating manufacturing. Dawson, Gary A. Dec 1, 1984 1182
Automatic assembly; how to make a robot as good as a housewife working to pay off a mortgage and three sets of braces. Sprow, Eugene E. Oct 1, 1984 842
Flexible assembly - manufacturing's newest frontier. Quinlan, Joseph C. Sep 1, 1984 2934
Robotic welding: big payoff for a small shop. Sep 1, 1984 1073
Seeing-eye seam tracker. Sep 1, 1984 732
Software basics for a robotic-cell story. Miller, Paul C. Sep 1, 1984 1324
Micros in manufacturing; personal computers and production control. Sep 1, 1984 4834
Built-in workhanding options. Sprow, Eugene E. Jul 1, 1984 655
Robot vision adds flexibility to finishing. Sprow, Eugene E. Apr 1, 1984 1065
New lenses expand use of high-power lasers. Apr 1, 1984 538
Technology. Mar 1, 1984 18610
US industrial robots market. Feb 1, 1984 359
Robot builders react to "shakeout" editorial. column Jan 1, 1984 691
New carousel-robot combo for manufacturing cells. Jan 1, 1984 530

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