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Robotic cleaning, finishing provides consistency, high productivity. (New Product).

To compete in an increasingly competitive market, foundries are looking for techniques that eliminate labor-intensive and inexact practices, allowing them to produce cost-efficient, high-quality castings. Secondary operations such as deflashing, deburring, grinding and polishing require time-consuming, individual attention and labor. One such method to reduce this time and effort is automation.

Rimrock Corp., Columbus, Ohio, has introduced a solution for performing these intensive secondary operations--a 6-axis ABB Industrial Robot fitted with programming and end-effectors to manipulate castings and perform cleaning and finishing operations. The robot can support a 350 kg load capacity and a 9.8 ft (3 m) reach. The required size and reach of the robot are determined by part/tool weight and application.

The robot can perform a variety of tasks based on the type of tool attached. Tools include band saws, disc saws, high-speed spindles, belt and disc sanders, filling tools, scraping tools, brushes and chipping tools. Tools feature high speed rotation that enhances the performance of the finishing cell by decreasing cycle time and causing less clogging and tool wear.

The robot can remove material from a casting, such as flash on the parting line. It can grind off riser attachments as well as polish a casting to create an attractive surface finish.

To allow for additional flexibility and value, a gripper can be fixed to the end of the robot arm to hold the casting and present it to a variety of tools mounted to a tool tree. After finishing the part, the robot then has the ability to perform other tasks, including visual control, leak testing and part number marking. The robot moves the tool in a controlled and repetitive manner, rotating freely in 1 or 2-axis locations to offer greater accessibility.

Depending on the application, dollar savings can be realized through the constancy of running the robot nonstop, the consistency of its performance compared to manual labor, reduced cycle times, and the elimination of physically exhausting and potentially dangerous manual processes. Additionally the robot has the ability to be programmed to finish multiple castings within the same finishing cell.

Robots can be customized to perform specific applications, to work with various casting feed-in/feed-out setups and to offer appropriate safety measures to protect nearby workers.

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Title Annotation:6-axis ABB Industrial Robot for metals foundries
Comment:Robotic cleaning, finishing provides consistency, high productivity. (New Product).(6-axis ABB Industrial Robot for metals foundries)
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Date:Mar 1, 2002
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