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The blunt pole is not a source of more salient recognition cues than the sharp pole for the rejection of model eggs by American robins (Turdus migratorius). Hauber, Mark E.; Hoover, Jeffrey P.; Rhodes, Oliver R.; Ducay, Rebecca L.; Hanley, Daniel Feb 1, 2021 4070
As the Robin Flies: Where do robins go and why does it matter? Brulliard, Nicolas Jan 1, 2021 1405
Place: In the Arctic North, climate change brings yet another form of dis-placement. Gibson, Robert Jun 22, 2019 677
Mixed Thymoma in an American Robin (Turdus migratorius). Urraca, Vanessa Hernandez; Salinas, Elizabeth Morales; Gonzalez, Ernesto Carrera; Godoy, Felix Domin Sep 1, 2018 3608
NO SWANNING AROUND. Powell, Selina Brief article Apr 1, 2018 190
Sleep Is the Journey. Wiese, Anne Pierson Sonnet Mar 22, 2018 125
Exito de anidacion de Turdus grayi (Passeriformes: Turdidae) en el Centro Ecologico Recreativo "El Zapotal", Chiapas, Mexico. Chanona Perez, Ana Karen; Castellanos Albores, Jorge; Gonzalez Jaramillo, Monica; Rangel-Salazar, Jo Sep 1, 2017 7184
Causes of bird losses recorded in a captive-bred wild bird flock between 2011 and 2015/Perdas registradas em um plantel de aves silvestres criadas em cativeiro, entre 2011 e 2015. de Oliveira, Luiz Gustavo Schneider; Lipinski, Gustavo Pistelli; Lorenzett, Marina Paula; Rolim, Ver Ensayo May 1, 2017 3242
Howson clips Robins' wings. Aug 17, 2016 130
Reliant robin; Help birds survive the winter freeze. Editorial Nov 8, 2015 348
Robin's Nest in the pass: Dorothy Roberts' love of family and creating inspires Pass Christian's newest storefront. Walton, Jane Nov 1, 2015 609
DON'T GIVE UP ON US, BIG GUY YOU CAN DO IT; Scot Eddie saves Aussie tourist who suffered heart attack at Land's End. Sep 17, 2015 521
Straight From The Robin's Nest. Cowper, Mary Book review Jun 1, 2015 130
old home HAS NEW LIFE; Why a classy 19th-Century townhouse built for a rich merchant on a leafy square in the heart of Edinburgh's New Town made perfect sense as Robin's nest. Why a classy 19th-Century townhouse built for a rich merchant on a leafy square in the heart of Edinburgh's New Town made perfect sense as Robin's nest. Sep 7, 2014 820
Kamikaze robins and clumsy birds take flight. Jul 29, 2014 453
Electronics may upset birds' compass: weak electromagnetic waves can impede robins' migratory orientation. Milius, Susan Jun 14, 2014 787
Backyards are for the birds: beyond Robins and Cardinals, chickens have come home to roost. Jun 1, 2014 324
Call for better tech at Robin's Nest. Aug 13, 2013 112
Robin bread breast; Little bird sets up home in bakery aisle of supermarket. Mar 3, 2013 469
The thin places where God speaks. Cormier, Jay Column Dec 7, 2012 915
day sky rained birds; Hungry flocks head to Britain. Nov 25, 2012 563
DAY SKY RAINED BIRDS; Pets and their People; People Your amazing animals and wonderful wildlife; Hungry flocks head to Britain. Nov 25, 2012 563
day sky rained birds; Hungry flocks head to Britain Pets and their People Your amazing animals and wonderful wildlife. Nov 25, 2012 563
ROBBIN'' ROBIN... Cheeky visitor lulls shoppers into stealing bird seed and feeding it. Nov 11, 2012 423
Suddenly the birds have gone quiet this year... is this a trend? YouSAY IN YOUR OPINION. Oct 1, 2012 115
Talking to Myself. Pratt, Minnie Bruce Poem Sep 22, 2012 181
Cold start to summer takes its toll on bird numbers. Aug 16, 2012 255
Robins can judge meal size better than other animals. Aug 12, 2012 238
Pbuse catalogs need early bird fix. Cartoon Aug 1, 2012 210
MOONEY'S MISERY AS CAT SCOFFS HIS ROBIN; Webcam captures feline's feast. Apr 12, 2012 309
Life starts to stir as wildlife gets ready for spring; nature watch. Apr 3, 2012 341
Natural History. Humphreys, Helen Literary essay Mar 22, 2012 5607
A Black Spot. Richards, Jim Poem Mar 22, 2012 166
West Hill Dam's winter birds make the count; Tally figures into N. American total. Feb 27, 2012 809
'Blackbirds' are all white on the flight; WILDLIFE. Jan 18, 2012 155
Poets' corner. Jan 14, 2012 149
Winter robins seeing red. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 255
Mass death of wintering American Robins (Turdus migratorius) in Decatur, Illinois. Huschen, Max S.; Horn, David Joseph Jan 1, 2012 2045
Robin's red breast is bird calling card. Dec 15, 2011 191
Management, breeding, and health records from a captive colony of pekin robins (Leiothrix lutea), 2001-2010. Brief article Dec 1, 2011 197
Who filled cock robin? WILD BIRD FED BY MOUTH. Nov 24, 2011 169
PECKS FACTOR; Plant berries for birds to get the.. Oct 23, 2011 614
PECks fACToR; Plant berries for birds to get the.. Make your garden a haven for birds this autumn and winter by boosting your borders with berried shrubs... Oct 16, 2011 706
GREEN & GORGEOUS. Jul 22, 2011 255
Wildlife charity urges green gardeners to leave ants alone; TECHNOLOGY. Jul 19, 2011 365
TWITCH WAY DID IT GO? Birdwatchers flock to see rare robin. Jun 8, 2011 435
Undersea robins: a mystery on wings. Gilmore, Grant, Jr. May 1, 2011 457
Bird of pray; ROBIN MOVES INTO CHURCH. Jan 31, 2011 112
Robins reject blushing caterpillars: parasitic worms redden their hosts to avoid being devoured. Milius, Susan Jan 29, 2011 403
Robins have wings clipped once again. Jan 16, 2011 174
Feed the birds this winter - or lose robin redbreast forever, tweets charity. Dec 20, 2010 256
Robin red breast: Sunday CWTCH WITH RACHEL MAINWARING. Dec 11, 2010 170
Robin knocked off top card spot. Dec 8, 2010 331
TV TIMES PAST; Robin's Nest. Nov 6, 2010 118
Under-age drink bar clampdown. Sep 23, 2010 119
A robin rarity; Albino bird attracts watchers in Athol. Apr 6, 2010 586
bird notes WITH ROBIN SANDHAM. Feb 13, 2010 235
Robin rocking in your garden all year round; NATURE WATCH. Dec 31, 2009 451
In European robins, eyes beat out beaks for sensing magnetic fields: migratory compass relies on light-processing brain area. Sanders, Laura Nov 21, 2009 455
Birds mystery; YourSay. Sep 22, 2009 92
Robins gets his chance to shine as a manager. Sep 19, 2009 527
Lilies ace Matty set for a return; In-form striker targets Robins. Sep 19, 2009 338
Robins won't let Leeds have it all their own way. Sep 18, 2009 403
Barnsley boss Robins snaps up winger Gray; CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND-UP. Sep 18, 2009 129
Barnsley boss Robins snaps up winger Gray; CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND-UP. Sep 18, 2009 298
Ministry 'listens' to views of illegal bird trappers. Sep 15, 2009 527
Staunton on flight-path of Robins nest. Sep 10, 2009 366
Ex-Rover Moore eyes return to Rotherham. Sep 10, 2009 499
Barnsley do deal for Robins. Sep 10, 2009 100
Where the birds are; YourSay. Sep 9, 2009 98
We need to end our Robins jinx; Harrison looking for a 'solid' display to defeat Bristol City: Coach gets squad back to basics. Sep 7, 2009 647
Robins are rewarded. Sep 6, 2009 244
Late leveller hits Robins. Aug 30, 2009 231
Five-star City foil Robins. Aug 23, 2009 208
You snooze, you lose. Bennett, Nancy Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 113
Fastigheter. Brief Article Jan 6, 2004 107
The American robin: a portent of spring. Bonds, Kristin Apr 1, 2003 867
American Robins as Reservoir Hosts for Lyme Disease Spirochetes. Randolph, Sarah Nov 1, 2000 1176
Nesting of Rose-throated Becard Pachyramphus aglaiae (Passeriformes: Incertae Sedis) and Clay-colored Robin Turdus grayi (Passeriformes: Turdidae) in Hidalgo County, Texas. Brush, Timothy May 1, 2000 1496
Mystery of the Midnight Robin. Taylor, Bonnie Highsmith Mar 1, 2000 355
Competence of American robins as reservoir hosts for Lyme disease spirochetes. Matuschka, Franz-Rainer Mar 1, 2000 4028
Breeding productivity does not decline with increasing fragmentation in a western landscape. Tewksbury, Joshua J.; Hejl, Sallie J.; Martin, Thomas E. Dec 1, 1998 8182
Rockin' robins. Sep 1, 1997 118
What characteristics of shelterbelts are important to breeding success and return rate of birds? Haas, Carola A. Apr 1, 1997 7040
PestControl. Taber, Mike Oct 1, 1996 966
Winter phenology and frugivory of American Robins and Cedar Waxwings on the Edwards Plateau of central Texas. Chavez-Ramirez, Felipe; Slack, R. Douglas May 1, 1996 2591
Mystery of the midnight robin. Taylor, Bonnie Highsmith Mar 1, 1995 432
The distribution and depth preferences of searobins (Teleostei: Triglidae) in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. Weiss, Jutta A.; Rylander, Michael K.; Harrel, Richard C. Feb 1, 1991 1933

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