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Roberts Sinto acquisition expected to expand products and promote growth.

Sintokogio's recent acquisition of the Roberts Sinto Corp will provide North American foundries with domestically produced foundry equipment based on worldwide technology and will put Roberts Sinto in a much stronger position for continued growth, according to officials from both companies.

At a press conference held during AFS' CastExpo '90 and 94th Casting Congress in Detroit, Roberts Sinto president Joseph M. Post noted the change in ownership is the outgrowth of a 50/50 joint venture between Roberts and Sintokogio that had been formed three years ago to produce and market the Japanese firm's foundry equipment in the U.S.

Describing the new owner, he said the Sintokogio group is one of the world's largest and strongest suppliers of foundry equipment, with annual sales of more than $500 million and operating units throughout the Far East, Europe and South America.

He said Sintokogio, Nagoya, Japan, has introduced several technological advances in recent years, including VProcess molding, green sand core machines and Seiatsu air-impact molding.

The fit of the company is ideal, said Yzuru Nagai, Sintokogio president. Roberts Corp, long recognized as a U.S. leader in the development and construction of high technology foundry and materials handling equipment, now will be able to provide North American foundries with domestically produced equipment that incorporates technology from throughout the world, he said.

The new relationship also is expected to be a two-way street, Nagai said, noting that Roberts Sinto will not be simply a sales organization for foreign built equipment, but will continue to do its own engineering, product development and manufacturing for the American market.

Management of Roberts Sinto will remain essentially unchanged, except for the formation of a new board of directors which will include several American foundry industry leaders, Post said.

Although he did not give specific figures, Post indicated that management believes the company is now in a much stronger position for continued growth. This is expected, he said, to be reflected in employment stability at Robert Sinto's three Michigan facilities (Lansing, Grand Ledge and Fraser) and plant in Homburg, West Germany.
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Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Jun 1, 1990
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